Dragon Ball Z Full Action Kit Gogeta Review

Another payday, another money spent on an action figure but this time, it’s a vintage Dragon Ball Z figure. Ladies and gentlemen, here I am with a toy review of nostalgic proportions.

A little bit of history about this model kit series or at least something I can put up here without learning French, Mexican or Japanese. Apparently this was released at the time the manga already ended and the anime was already on it’s deathbed aka somewhere within 1995-1996 at the middle of the Majin Buu arc and during the release of Movies 11 and 12.

Apparrently, this was also released in Hong Kong back in 1996.

As far as the series is concerned, only six figures were released from adult Son Gohan, SSJ and SSJ 3 Son Goku taking the second and fourth spots, Goten, Trunks and Gotenks taking numbers 3 and 5 (why?) and what we have here today, number 6. Super Saiyan Gogeta from Fusion Reborn! Goku and Vegeta.

Searching for this series on the internet will bring you nothing but YouTube videos that you couldn’t understand if you’re not a linguist or Amazon or eBay pages for Japanese versions of the figures. Good thing I was able to buy one at Greenhills for only Php. 450 ($8.80 in US Dollars) for a HK (bootleg?) version.

Let’s build away! Once you open the box, you can immediately feel that mid-90s rubber jank sticking to your skin like bubblegum so you have to rinse them with soap and water but lo and behold, it’s not enough. It’s never enough. Even alcohol can’t save these pieces from the jank it’s covered with.

If you think the rubber parts are already jank, building the model itself is a pain in the neck. Maybe it’s not as complex as a RG Gunpla but it’s not as easy as a FigureRise Standard DBZ kit you can see everywhere nowadays. In some cases, I have to bite the plastic to make the pieces fit (if this is a sin, I apologize).

Once you built the base (meaning the body, the legs, and the arms), you can already see  that the articulation is near perfect, at least for mid-90s model kit standards that is, however that articulation will be rendered pointless as you’ll see later on.

The finished product with one of my fave model kits I’ve built: FigureRise Standard Son Goku

Here you go, the finished product. The articulation on the hands is okay, up and down and 360 degree rotation and all that. Same with the hands and what took my interest here is that the wrist joints are…bizarre. It’s no ball joint or a peg joint. It’s more like one of those hook joints that you can see with truck toys and such.

The legs have the best form of articulation on this figure yet (up, down, sideways, 360 degree swivel on the legs and thighs and that single jointed if you can call it that knee) but it’s hindered by the the damn pants. The pants are made out of plastic and unless you put said plastic onto hot water, it’s a bigger pain in the neck to put it onto the body. The jacket is not as hard as the pants and the belt but you can feel the rubber melting on your hands.

Full Action Kit series in comparison with other Dragon Ball series toys released through the years (Super Battle Collection series not included)

Sure, comparing it to modern figures is something unfair to the product you’re comparing to but the closest thing you can compare it to is the bootleg “SH Figuarts” DBZ figures with the “lack of detail” and “lack of articulation” as compared to it’s legit and modern counterparts. As for the product itself, it’s a pain to build but it’s satisfying to see it in it’s built form only to be hindered by one of it’s advertised gimmicks (pants) as evident for the rest of the series. That is all folks and see you soon.

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