MegaMan X Dive: A Sneak Peek Review

As of this writing, I have just unlocked versus mode which is obtained by leveling up to Level 16 and it has been three days since the servers have been opened to closed beta players.

So at last, Capcom Taiwan has just opened the closed beta servers for MegaMan X Dive today and I tested it so far and here are my two cents on it. I have the closed beta version installed on my phone right now so it’s still in it’s building stage.

Story: Unlike previous games in the X series, this takes a much lighter, fourth wall breaking approach to the world of MegaMan X. Instead of the more serious (compared to the classic and Battle Network series) and at times melodramatic world that we associated the X series with, it instead treats us with a “you know MegaMan X is just a video game” type of story wherein all of the games, from 1-8, are inside this Deep Log that stores all of the information of said games and time is running out because the game data in the Deep Log is deteriorating over time and your job as a “player” (Yes, the game refers to you as Player, like how the Idolm@ster games only refer to you as Producer) to restore data into the Deep Log.

In a way, I kind of like this tongue-in-cheek take on the MegaMan X games and it doesn’t take itself too seriously and for a mobile game, that’s fine and dandy in my book.

Gameplay: Now time for the meat and potatoes of the review. The core gameplay is still here: you go through the stages, you jump, you shoot enemies with your X Buster or any weapon of your choice (more on that later) however, there are some mechanics that are a staple of the MegaMan series that were removed like landing on spikes won’t automatically kill you (although you still take damage) and some of those mechanics were added while not being a part of the original games like auto lock-on. A nitpick of mine here is that the weapons have some sort of “ammo” or as I would like to call it “that MOBA mechanic that gives weapons cooldown”.

I understand that attacks needed some sort of cooldown so that it cannot be abused and weapons having ammo are a staple of MegaMan games but in the case of X DiVE, you don’t get the final boss’ attacks as powerups and the “ammo” mechanic is applied to regular buster weapons which I find it off-putting in a MegaMan game.

Now there are two gameplay modes: Story and Versus and while Versus mode is basically either 1 on 1 or 3 on 3 PvP action, story mode somehow has not one, not two but four sections with DiVE being the main story mode of restoring the Deep Log in order and you can do co-op story mode here.

As far as PvP goes, it seems that there’s only one stage at the moment and this is something that Capcom Taiwan will have to improve in the future.

Characters, Power-ups, etc.: In this game, you have the series mainstays from X and Zero to minor characters like Aila and Vile, you have X in his Ultimate Armor (I don’t know why) and one character from that spin-off game Command Mission: Marino and each character has its own set of special skills that are unique to each character and do you want to know how to unlock them?

You can collect “memories” of those characters by either going through the story mode stages or by the way of doing gacha rolls and once you collect 20 memories, you are now free to unlock them via the Character menu.

Now for the other collectibles in the game and this is where the gacha aspect of the game enters in. Each roll will either give you a character memory which I’ve mentioned earlier or a weapon that you can equip to the character of your choosing. Since this is closed beta test of the game, this might be improved upon release but it seems that it’s way too easy to get S rank items on this and that might cause balancing issues once players get into Versus mode but other than that, the collectibles are okay.

MegaMan X DiVE’s menu screen. The glitching is part of the aesthetic.

Controls: The controls, like other action based mobile games, are mostly okay at best and sometimes, especially when doing dash-jumps, when some of the time, you’ll just be either jumping or dashing even if you slide the buttons as the game suggest. Now I saw on their Facebook page that they would allow controller input mapping on this game and I might have to try that at some point in the future.

Miscellaneous stuff: It’s nice for Capcom Taiwan to open the game to the English-speaking masses by adding an English language option together with Japanese and Chinese. They might’ve learned their lesson with the previous MegaMan mobile game, XOver, wherein people outside Japan, Korea and Taiwan have to deal with QooApp to install the game and on top of that, there’s a language barrier that turned off people who can’t understand either Japanese, Korea, or Chinese although the English option is only for the text as the voices are set to Japanese by default, which might bother some non-weeaboos in the MegaMan fandom especially to people who don’t like high-pitched uwus in their games.

Options let you change the volume of the BGM, SFX and Dialogue which is pretty standard along with graphics options so that should let you run the game on a mid-range to low-end phone like mine but that might not prevent crashes in the middle of a game so a bit of advice, make sure you have enough phone ram to play this game.

Overall: Capcom is righting the wrongs they did with XOver with this game but at the same time making new ones in the process. As this is still in closed beta, there’s still room for improvement left for the game to be that one mobile game that can reach MegaMan fans outside Japan and Korea who missed a lot when XOver was still around and the first new, portable game since Maverick Hunter X. I’m excited and cautious at the same time with how the game will turn out come official release.

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