Cosplay Mania 2019: A Look From Within

September has come and gone again and with this one, it can only mean two things: Christmas season is near and Cosplay Mania just happened and today, we’re talking about the latter. Being that this is the second time I’ve attended an event under the Cosplay Mania banner and another one in the sea of all the events I’ve been a part of for almost 10 years of being part of the Japanese media community and, just like my first Cosplay Mania experience, this didn’t disappoint at all.

When it comes to the presentation, the people at brought out the big guns from how the halls were set up to be this one giant mosh pit/gathering hall a lot of people, to the guests (although some of them I am not familiar with because when it comes to media intake, I’m a boomer), to the contests, and even to the sponsors that they have brought in, I mean if you have companies like Good Smile Company to Bandai to the Japanese Embassy, you’re in the big leagues pal.

Anyways, I am not going to bore you with words and so I will bring you pictures:

A panoramic view of the Cosplay Mania halls
A panoramic view of the Cosplay Mania halls

The toys displayed in Cosplay Mania courtesy of the toy seller booths.

The meat and potatoes of the convention, the cosplayers and their costumes. Notice the JoJo cosers here because they stole the whole show for a couple of minutes.

Now to end this on a high note, with a video:

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