Rayas-WEB News #1

We have just finished 1/2 of the year with a lot of happenings, inside and outside of my realm. Might as well give you some updates with what I am doing here right now.

New Post In The Works – I am planing to do a follow-up with the MNL48 article, focusing on the independent idols like CH4U and Aidoru Sozai with some others thrown in like PPOP Generation and JAPH Dolls. I decided not to include SB19 because I don’t think they’ll fit with the theme I have here.

So far, I’ve finished the pieces for Aidoru Sozai and CH4U but I might have to do some revisions on the LoveSo stuff because the Aidoru Sozai wiki contains only some basic info so I might have to dig a little bit deeper and the JAPH Dolls website is now dead and for some reason, hindi na-archive yung website. I’ve tried

Random Stuff I’ve Found On The Internet – Di ko ineexpect na this ad that I got from Mr. Jayson Cruz‘s portfolio will blow up on Facebook. I posted this kasi I remembered Pares Pares Anime Anime, yung pacontest ng GMA 7 and I still remembered the TV version of this ad using the Daimos opening theme instrumental.

Pag may nahanap akong something interesting, I’ll post it on the FB page.

Other Stuff – I might do some posts relating to what’s going on so far within the Philippine subculture ecosphere. These are in no particular order and are subject to change:

  • The Philippine Vintage Ad YouTube Community (yes, may community dedicated for vintage advertisements)
  • Otakuzine Review ( unfortunately, I lost my only copy of Ozine a long time ago, so if ever COVID-19 is by this year or the next, I might have to get a copy)
  • More reviews and retrospectives ( and I hope I get my lazy bum to actually do rewatching or gameplay recording when I do my reviews)
  • More cosplay event coverage ( if everything gets fine by this year or the next )

That is all for now. I hope you guys enjoy your first day of the second half of 2020.

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