More Hallo Hallo Cafe: Episodes 3-4 Review

Well, a week has passed since I reviewed the first two episodes of Hallo Hallo Café. Time for more of this stuff, boys and girls.

Episode 3

Okay, what an episode this was. This is just the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the episode and no, they didn’t specify that this is for ALS and you’ll see why.

Thank goodness the weird camera angles are now gone and the “plot”, implying that variety shows have plots and if you can call it that, centers around Angel turning Hallo Hallo Café into a snack bar by night, just like how Natsu did on that night’s Amachan episode and Yachang immediately agrees, no questions asked.

I don’t know why Yachang would just agree without any hesitations because being the owner, Yachang should know how is his business doing and what will the ramifications be if they turned Hallo Hallo Café into a snackbar by night. Maybe I am reading into things way too much, so let’s move on.

The challenge opens with the Kawaii5 girls and Angel agreeing that the uni dish from episode 1 is truly special, it’s just that it’s hard to catch uni because the water on the beach is too cold, granted that the episode aired in October so there’s that, Captain Obvious.

What does Yachang do? No, they don’t go to the beach nor had Kawaii5 submerge themselves in tubs full of cold water. Instead, he has them go to plastic basins and get cold water splashed into them. See? My outdated reference works perfectly here.

Enjoy this 14 second GIF here.

There is basically no challenge in this episode as, you’ve guessed it, everyone from the girls, to Angel and Yachang got splashed with cold water and at this point, Alice competes with Angel when it comes to being the noisiest in the show with all that baby talk crap. Reminds me of someone on YouTube, nanora.

Now onto the what’s officially dubbed “Hallo Hallo Panalo” segment after Yachang botches the prizes and surprises part of the script and what’s the prize this time? Ganso marukyu cheese ramen. You heard me right, cheese freakin’ ramen bro.

Apparently, this is a thing in Shibuya-cho as the ramen stall that sells this, Tsukumo Ramen Ebisu Honten, is apparently known for inventing this out of this world dish by adding a helping of grated Gouda cheese on top of the broth of your choice, be it miso or tomato together with tonkotsu.

It’s so popular that they brought this to Ermita when they opened their Philippine branch and then the rest history. The culinary world, like comics, can be weird sometimes. They also serve regular miso ramen if you’re too much of a purist to have cheese on your noddle dish.

 This episode is a solid 5/5 for me because even with the lack of a real challenge, this episode was a laugh riot from Yachang flubbing his lines, Angel’s slapstick=funny humor, the riot that happened before and after the ice bucket “challenge” and even Alice’s baby talk made it a laugh riot for everyone.

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