Rayas-WEB News #2

So here we are, with the first half of the month, almost going to a close (and yes, I made a mistake on the previous news update) and honestly, from someone who loved to write about stuff he loves to write, it’s really taking a toll on me because, with my penchant for distracting myself with Discord, Faceboook, what have you, I don’t know where to even start with this new article I’m planning to write about.

Step Into The GamerTotoy Grand Tour – I really wanted to write about the cosplay subsection of the weeb community, I really do. I want to give the PH “coscom” a Mister Metokur type of a retrospective, dredging up the good and the bad with my own take on it. As I’ve found out, modern coscom issues, are kind of a bit hard to follow if you’re not in tune with the cosplayer circles in Facebook, and that’s saying something about a person who joined COSPLAY SCRAMBOLAN, so I started with GamerTotoy.

Unlike the previous piece though, where not much information is present, this piece about GamerTotoy has a lot of stuff that you don’t know where to begin with and archive.org isn’t helping much because some of the articles on site can’t be accessed, so it’s kind of hard to do a deep dive.

Look at all this mess.

Reviews, Reviews, and More Reviews – So I started doing the Hallo Hallo Cafe reviews as weekly content. I did this because:

a. I wanted to test myself on where does the extent of my container for cringe go.

b. I wanted to watch some PH Idol stuff just to get myself in the loop.

c. I wanted to review something ala Linkara (yes, I know Linkara is a bad reviewer) wherein you’re being entertained and the same time, informed.

I’ll admit something that I don’t mention in the reviews, I am starting to like this show in an ironic sense because it’s just 5 minutes long and it’s jampacked with laughter and “so bad, it’s good” moments. Too bad, they did this with Kawaii5 and not MNL48.

As for stuff I’ll be reviewing, it might not follow the Hallo Hallo Cafe format that I’m doing right now, depending on what I’ll be reviewing next and I have stuff on the list that I wanted to review in the future:

  • Otaku no Video – a GAINAX OVA from 1992
  • MNLife – The MNL48 YouTube series
  • The Chaiyo tokusatsu films – esp. The 6 Ultra Brothers vs. the Monster Army
  • Some video games, perhaps.

On Comics – Comics, on the other hand, might come once in a blue moon if I wish to do something about it.

Other Stuff – Photos aren’t getting to see an update until this COVID situation clears out so there’s that and the other stuff I said on the previous news update still have no set schedules yet, so those are still on the backburner unless kung tamarin ako or what. Random Stuff on the Internet is still ongoing, it’s just that nothing interesting yet comes out. I’ll post more stuff on the FB page.

See ya next time, when I delve into the GamerTotoy stuff or more Kawaii5 shenanigans, whichever comes first.

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