The Ballad of GamerTotoy: A Deep Dive Into PH Cosplay’s Urban Legend

Long before Facebook groups were a thing and cosplay drama spilled out on Facebook to the point that all of the cosplay community can see it unravel, and to some extent, even the much larger weeb community can see it as well, there was this one man or a group of men who dared to hate the budding Philippine cosplay scene, expose it for what it was, tried to help in a way he/they can and paid the price for it. His or their “name” is GamerTotoy.

Who is GamerTotoy?

Allegedly the guy behind

Judging on the stuff I got from, GamerTotoy isn’t just some one person, or so it seems we’ll get into that, but more of a group of weeaboos who decided to air their opinions and bring news to fellow Filipino weebs on the internet about what’s going on with the cosplay subsection of the community and, as they say, they’re “your (not so) new hub for the latest and hottest news in Philippine cosplay.”

How it got started may vary depending on your sources and even I can’t seem to pinpoint as to how did they actually begin, did they start as gaming news on a Multiply account? Did they start as

What’s known is that he or they had this disdain for the emerging cosplay scene at the time, so much so that the site became infamous for being a “hate machine” of the so-called “cosplay goddess”, Alodia Daso- I mean Gosiengfiao.

OtakuPlay’s feature piece on GamerTotoy is as follows: he is a blogger or they are a group of bloggers who feature various stories about the cosplay scene that was growing at the time during the mid-2000s to early 2010s. See, unlike your Leonard Aguilars, the “coscom” as they like to call it was still in it’s infancy (it started somewhere in in 2000 with the first event being titled Anime Explosion) and so at that time, none of these people who are widely known throughout the weebsphere so egos aren’t that big. Yet.

Then came sites like Deviantart, Multiply, Friendster and MySpace wherein people like the aforementioned future Mrs. Dasovich, Myrtle Sarrosa and Nadine Lustre (YES, Nadine Lustre used to be a weeaboo people and still is, I think?) became popular among said community and come in the fans, and so do the haters or critics or what have you and here is where GT comes in.

If you visit the site now, it’s going to give you nothing but your usual stuff that shows up when a domain expires but with the magic of, you can still access GT in all its infamy, or glory, depending on what your stance on his articles are.

Alodia’s DeviantArt is still alive and well folks.

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