The Ballad of GamerTotoy: A Deep Dive Into PH Cosplay’s Urban Legend

Cosplay in the Philippines? Part 2

They/he thought of her as this opportunistic person who uses her popularity to gain more attention and money and really doesn’t care about the community she’s representing in contrast to the “weeb gamer girl next door” image that she represents back then.

This fixation on Alodia and how she is destroying, their words, not mine, the Philippine cosplay community ranges on presenting points on how she does exactly that, destroying the community, to how she was a total hypocrite on posting a video on “quitting cosplay” and then doing an April Fools bit that she doesn’t really quit cosplaying to spreading some gay ops of Alodia doing some plastic surgery to maintain the “cosplay goddess” image that penetrated even to /cgl/.

GT is too stupid to fall for an April Fools trick, I see?

 This doesn’t just apply to Ms. G herself but this also applies to the Alodians (cosplay equivalent of the Liberalists, internet bloodsports much?) who tend to praise their god empress like she does nothing wrong and this is coming from a former Alodian back in high school. I had my share of stupid stuff on the internet to impress her to the point of drinking that EasyPhaMax Wheatgrass in a can which tastes like, you guessed it, grass (which, thank God, got nuked together with my first Facebook account) but these guys are way way too much based on what I can see on GT’s posts. It is as if that ate Ejie is the only cosplayer alive and, I admit, Alodia’s popularity had an effect on the scene to the point that it is still lingering today, positive or otherwise.

On GT’s criticism’s on Alodia herself, their/his rants tend to be more like Jim Cornette-style (a wrestling reference for once) rants than legit criticisms because this treats her like she is the Vince Russo (another one) of cosplay, a person who has no business of being there because she’s “not a fan” and “knows nothing about the business” as Corny would say. For one, yeah, she does seem like a fish out of water compared to people like Liui or the guys at NCPH and, yes, she did some stupid shit (GAMER GURL COSPLAY SHORTS ANYONE) but unlike Russo, Alodia is as legit as she can get. She really is a weeb next door, it’s just that she’s smart enough to make a living out of cosplaying. That’s it, nothing behind the scenes like how GT purports it to be. Listen to the Brewrats episode.

Out with Gosiengfiao, in with Guanzon, we go. Who’s Ron Guanzon, ya ask? He’s the one behind’s website design and a Mike Abundo (which GT has heat with) colleague. In short, a veteran weeaboo who has seen it all, heard it all and experienced it all from the rise of anime on primetime to the rise of cosplay in PH. Nowadays, he’s mainly a web designer but back in the day, he had a hand in propagating cosplay culture in the country by being its premier photographer (with the likes of Abundo and Jay Tablante) and blogger but then allegations of pedophilia and opportunistic perversion came, and of course, this comes from our good old friends at

RG vs GT: Battle of The Geeks

According to what I can dig up from, Guanzon has this penchant for making women pose provocatively for shots and posting them on the internet, being associated with alleged “known pedophiles” in the cosplay scene, claiming that he caught GamerTotoy only to be debunked by GT themselves because the person claimed to be GT for fame and other wild accusations GT folks and the guest contributors accuse poor ol’ Ron and nothing of value was lost here because at the end of the day, unless proven, these are just accusations and not facts.

With that out of the way, with the way GamerTotoy’s posts on the now dead website are showing, they/he really wanted to keep cosplaying as a niche hobby, like pro wrestling was in 2001 and still is today. They/he never liked the fact that cosplaying became so accessible to everybody that even your boomer parents know who Alodia is (which is, by the way, Alodia’s M.O.). In short, he is/they are the equivalent of Hideaki Anno who, at that point in time, was already disenfranchised with the stuff surrounding culture of the thing they loved because they loved cosplay, and like Alodia, RG, Abundo, and the people they hate, they are also like them, plain and simple weeaboos.

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