Even More Hallo Hallo Café Reviews: Episodes 5-6

I enjoyed Fire Pro Wrestling World’s newly released Move Craft DLC, which is for free BTW, but boy it’s a pain in the ass to create even simple taunts but I’m getting there. Speaking of pains in the ass, here’s more Hallo Hallo Café. Also, the Gamertotoy stuff fried may brain way too much so I needed something easy to write after all that coscom stuff.

Episode 5

Off to a good start, we are as we were greeted by the peeps in unison but then Venus has to tell her “breaking news” and it goes a little something like this: “Nagbabagang balita! Isang isda ang pinaghihinalaang nalunod pagkatapos sumisid at hindi na lumutang.” (Breaking news! A fish allegedly drowned after diving into the water and it never came back.)

At least you tried, Venus. At least you tried.

The joke itself doesn’t work because for one, fish can’t drown underwater because they’re sea creatures. Jokes aside, pun intended, we now move on to the challenge, more likely a quiz. What’s the quiz all about you ask? It’s about Amachan, of course.

With that out of the way, there’s something I almost forgot to mention this. The connection of that Venus joke with the Amachan-themed quiz seemed a bit forced. In fact, the only connection to Amachan that joke has is its subject matter, a fish in water.

I mean, sure they have to squeeze things to fit in a five-minute episode but they could’ve gone with a more obvious connection to Amachan like, let’s say, Kawaii5 talking about how they love Amachan and the hosts would like to know if they really watch Amachan or just pretending to do so para di mahuli sa usapan.

There’s some Sesame Street/Gaki no Tsukai vibes going on here.

Now onto the quiz and here’s the thing, they’re given 5 seconds to answer any Amachan related questions and if they either got the wrong answer or haven’t answered the question in 5 seconds, they’re gonna get pied! Classic humor, thanks Kurosawa. I really need to start memorizing the names with the faces here now because I’m five episodes in and I still don’t know who’s who between Jeline, Mae and Monika.

There is a funny production gaffe on this episode as the pie was supposed to hit Jeline’s face but one of the Ultraman/Super Mario Bros. rejects missed her face by an inch so what does Yachang do? Make him throw another pie in the face! Quick thinking right there.

More underwhelming prizes are on the way as we now go to “Hallo Hallo Panalo”. What is the prize this time? A plastic fan. Yes, you got that right! It’s a plastic fan, something that you can buy at your local tiangge at 30-50 pesos.

Anong meron dito you ask? It ain’t your ordinary fan, no no no, it’s a ha-uchiwa fan made from Japanese paper (Angel’s words, not mine). Don’t get me wrong, d+ sure makes some good quality stuff but to claim that this was made from real Japanese paper, at the first glance, this’ ain’t it chief.

We’re not done yet as someone needs to get pied in the face and this time, it’s Mae. The transgression you asked? Answering Yachang’s question intended to be answered by Angel. The question is, when was Yachang’s birthday? Nobody knows until today.

Episode rating: 2.5/5

Positives: The whole five second quiz thing, Jeline getting pied in the face twice after the first one missed. The production quality of this episode. Pie!

Negatives: Hallo Hallo Panalo, the forced connection between the Amachan-themed quiz challenge and Venus’ bit. Reusing pie as a gag.

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