On Internet Fame… aka Rayas-WEB Site News #3

Seriously, I really didn’t expect that the first episode of my MNL48 iSchool review will be THAT humongous. Thanks, MNL48 twitter.

Anyhow, here’s what to expect this week or the next or whatever:

More IDOLS@SCHOOL! and Hallo Hallo Cafe reviews – In all honesty, I’m starting to like Hallo Hallo Cafe but I hope it doesn’t affect my reviews for that show. Also, you thought the iSchool review will be just a one-time thing, wrong. I’ll be tackling the rest of the episodes every Wednesday as HHC reviews already take up the Monday slot.

Otaku no Video – As stated in my last blog entry, this will what I’ll be reviewing this week for the weekend. Unlike the other two reviews, this might be placed on another spot in the week or on the next.

Plans for future content – I’ve already started to plan out what would be future content on this site be. That will be a surprise for now though.

Random Stuff on the Internet – That still continues, although that would be more of like a random occurrence thing than a regular one. Come see the Facebook page to see what kind of randomess on the Internet I’ll put in.

That’s it for now though, see ya on the weekends!

Special thanks to my new Twitter followers, especially to Mr. keepsakes himself, Jay Agonoy. I’m not 100% sure if I can write more about cosplay community issues but I’ll try and make sure I can do that without frying my brain hahahaha. You can visit his site at jayagonoy.xyz

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