Fight!! Otaking: A Review on GAINAX’s Otaku no Video

Otaku no Video (lit. Nerd’s Video) is a two part OVA released by GAINAX in cooperation with Studio Fantasia, a defunct studio who also gave us the anime adaptations of Nozoki Ana and Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, on September 27 and December 20, 1991 under the TOSHIBA Visual Software label and both parts on August 5, 1992 under the Youmex label on both VHS and LaserDisc.

An ad for one of GAINAX’s OVAs during the Nadia era.

This was at a time when GAINAX was struggling financially due to the deficit that they’re in during the production of Nadia so they have to produce OVAs to keep it afloat and at the same time, with Heisei-era Japan under a spell of bad luck, the otaku community still reeling at the backlash they received after the Tsutomu Miyazaki incident so they decided to give the world an image of what the community is all about.

The reason why I decided to review this is that I watched this back in college and with how the way things are going with the community, I decided to watch this again to remind me what I liked about the community.

The series is formatted like The Apologetics Group’s Hells Bells series of Christian educational films wherein each part of the series is constructed like this: part-anime wherein we follow the life of Ken Kubo, a tennis player being influenced by his super otaku friend, Naeo Tanaka into joining the weeb life until such time both guys, with a little bit of help by their weeb friends, form Giant X (GAINAX, amrite? Hahaha) and be “otakings”. The other part, “portrait of an otaku”, which consisted of live-action interviews with ex-otaku and people who are still part of the underground otaku culture of the early 1990s and late 1980s.

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