Fight!! Otaking: A Review on GAINAX’s Otaku no Video


My college self would say that the animated parts were better than the live action parts but present me would argue about that because as great as the animated parts are, the live action interviews are more entertaining to watch as I can identify more with the otaku on the interviews than I can be with Kubo’s circle.

I would give this with a rating of 4/5 as both parts served as a compliment to each other and the production quality was handled really well, even with GAINAX’s little budgets. I would recommend Otaku no Video only to people who are tired of watching modern anime though as the stuff presented here is dated as heck and they might not understand most of the in jokes and references scattered to it as this is, loosely and even before Blue Blazes, GAINAX’s story and a snapshot of Japanese otaku culture in the early 90s.

If you wanted to give this a try, go ahead. See this for yourself.


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