IDOLS@SCHOOL! 3 – Dancing Lessons and a mini Hallo Hallo Café Reunion (Part 1)

Once again, once more, we watch more of iSchool and oh my God, Anne-sensei just dropped the bombshell: she went to EDSA, went to Cabanatuan, returned to EDSA, and found a dance instructor and it is….ANGEL FROM HALLO HALLO CAFÉ?!

Before we go to the episode itself, notice that the show adds a MNL48 logo on the right hand side of the video. I don’t know why but Aidoru Sozai doesn’t have a miniseries set in a school so why the logo? Nobody will mistake you for MNL48 if you don’t have a YouTube series in the first place.

This Angel is a much calmer and a more serious Angel than we have in HHC (ofc, this is in a school setting whilst HHC is a variety show) and so she asked the question: ano ang pagsasayaw para sa’yo? (For you, what’s the importance of dancing) and who does she pick first? It’s Alice and no, this isn’t something.

It’s just mere coincidence that the two people last seen on a show following Amachan on TV5 two years ago interact with each other on a different series produced by the same company.

Enough about the mini HHC reunion, let’s talk about the answers. Most of the girls answered about how dancing is life and how it is an expression of your feelings and all that other inspirational stuff and of course, all of these answers are correct but what saved this part are two things:

  1. They presented the answer coupled with some dancing.
  2. Angel’s answer.

Let’s not delve too much on point A (aside from Tin’s Benoit gesture) and let’s go straight on point B as Angel said something really poignant: dancing is a God-given talent and not all people can be good at dancing but great at something else, so the key here is to love dancing as it is and don’t feel down if you’re not good at it. That’s something to keep in mind not just for bad dancers but for people who suck in general.

Now onto the other question: gaano kaimportante ang pagsasayaw sa isang idol? (For an idol, how important is it to dance?) and more of the same answers from the girls, like Sheki’s pointing on how it is important because that’s what idol music is all about (sing and dance) to the great Ashley Cloud’s reference to harmony and how it is important to move as one which Angel agrees on to Ella doing an Akira Toriyama reference to bring home the point of how important it is for an idol to dance.

Angel then brings out a quiz with five questions and they have to answer it for five minutes. Will it end on a cliffhanger? Will they dance as they pass the papers? Will they use the same cinematic they used for episode 1? Yes, yes and yes.

The class ends in a dance, a bad, non-unified dance which Angel hated.

My grade for this episode is a solid B+. Positives were the fact that we get a new teacher is always a great addition for me, and that teacher is someone you already know if you’re watching Hallo Hallo Café or at least reading my reviews of it. Also, the subtle nod to Alice and Angel’s past was a bonus for me plus the return of the exam camera angle. The only downside is the audio quality because I cannot seem to hear some of the girls’ answers. A good example of this is Ella’s Kakarotto answer and if the trade-off is less of those Eat Bulaga-tier sound effects, I’d rather have the EB SFX, thank you very much.

That’s it for now, see ya next time whenever I release something outside of these two reviews.

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