So It Has Come To This: Another Hallo Hallo Café Review

I wasn’t supposed to get this one released today because I woke up so late today that I don’t think I can make it but here we are.

Episode 11

Okay, the show opens without a “Welcome to Hallo Hallo Café!!!” segment but both Jelline and Yachang open up with pickup lines, bro that’s so 2012.  Anyhow, Jelline starts first what this “gem”, gem being an operative word.

”Kayamanan ka po ba? Kasi ang sarap mong ibaon sa lupa”. Yachang is none too pleased so he retorts with a pickup line of his own. “Mais ka ba? Kasi ang ‘’cornick’’ ng joke mo eh.” Thus, the challenge segment begins, not after the MNL48 dance coach belts out a spoiler from that week’s Amachan episode and Kawaii5 wanting to do some mining of their own.

So back to the beach they go, and they are trying to find something, nobody told the audience at home what are they supposed to find. Nothing special with this challenge until the Kaaway 5 showed up to screw everything up and a big, fat, not so oily guy named Sumo-Sali joined the ruckus as well.

Venus wins the challenge by finding a card with a smiley face with a bandanna on it.

Hallo Hallo Panalo gives us the great prize of a Zebra Delguard mechanical pencil. Angel claims that this mechanical pencil never breaks your pencil leads and according to some YouTube reviews, it really doesn’t break your pencil leads and that’s thanks to the Delguard system which contains two separate springs, absorbing pressure during writing, to prevent lead breakage. This is the first time I had to do some “extensive” research with any products shown on Hallo Hallo Panalo.

With Venus being the winner, Yachang gives her a prize but not without making her dig through flour inside an inflatable swimming pool outside Movie Stars Café first. The show ends with Venus being dumped with flour after finding a fresh egg and a boiled one and then finds the prize.

Rating: 3/5

Positives: Kaaway 5 and Sumo-Sali providing some well needed obstacles to the already hard challenge. Hallo Hallo Panalo making me do some research. Nice camera angles during the challenge segment.

Negatives: The pickup lines. The producers not telling us what the K5 girls should dig for.

Episode 12

This episode’s opening is a custer, let me tell you that.

Alice tells a joke about rich Japanese people and how it is translated as “naka-oto”. It was so corny that the rest of the girls dragged her off the screen, giving Yachang and Angel having the camera for themselves, thus the café owner being challenged by Angel to tell a joke of his own.

The boss tells a joke about Sadako being popular in Japan because she came out of your TV screens. It’s not that corny but it’s much better than Alice’s joke, no question about that.

This week’s challenge is simply tug of war, the only thing that’s making it different is that the loser gets pied in the face. At this point, pies are now a common staple of the show. Another thing to point out here is how the match-ups are laid out:

  • Mae vs Monica
  • Jelline vs Venus
  • Alice vs Angel

As expected, the losers get pied in the face, nothing special.

Hallo Hallo Panalo gets disappointing again because the prize this time is just an “online gift check” to be used on and if you didn’t catch that the first time, that’s because she just mentioned “” as the prize like how she mentioned “Movie Stars Café” as the prize eleven episodes ago. Nothing much here, let’s move on.

This is one of the best endings to a show’s episode I’ve seen and that’s saying saying.

Kawaii 5 ends the episode with them challenging Yachang to a game of tug of war with Yachang, of course, losing and getting pied in the face, not once but twice. It kinda gave you the “uh oh, he’s pissed” feel from the boss as he gets pied for the first time while botching the ending introductions, mentioning “Hallo Hallo Panalo” instead “Hallo Hallo Café”.

Rating: 2/5

Positives: Angel having none of Yachang’s crap by making him tell a joke. The ending to this episode as

Negatives: Hallo Hallo Panalo in its entirety. The tug of war challenge, That cluster of an opening.

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