IDOLS@SCHOOL! IV: All Filler No Killer

Here we go again with the iSchool reviews. With all the announcements coming right and left, from ABS-CBN to ICYMI’s impending release on Vimeo (one of the two reasons I have a Vimeo account, the other’s OSW Review), let’s take a trip back to the past, and by the past, I mean two years ago.

We continue where we left off with Episode 3 and before we go straight to the answers, they changed the venue of the school! They didn’t bother to censor the school’s name this time probably because it’s a public high school and not a private one like Don Bosco in the past three episodes.

Now onto the questions, the first question being asked is “Sa kasabihang parehong kaliwa ang mga paa, anong klaseng sapatos ang bibilhin mo at bakit?” (If you have two left feet, what type of shoes will you buy and why?)

Ash opens up with a very sensible answer: buy two pairs of shoes because nobody sells shoes of the same side unless you had one custom made. This also proved that Angel had a hard time reading Ash’s cursive writing as she mistook the double As in paa as double Os.

Gabb, on the other hand, decided to go with the shilling route as she answered World Balance because should you have two left feet, you should learn to balance yourself, and that’s the end of that question (unless you count Sela’s answer regarding bulldozer shoes).

The next question is more of like a “what should you do” question as it relates to what to do when screwed up in the middle of a dance performance to make it seem not obvious that you, well, screw up.

Abby’s answer gets to be featured first: you just smile and dance again, also, focus which Angel points out that it is the right answer because she knew who screws up during dance rehearsals and she even put Abby on the spot because she asked the oshi about what’s going on through her head when she screws up.

Speaking of focus, the cameraman must’ve slept behind the wheel as the camera suddenly went out of focus. I would just like to point that out.

Chris(Tin) Benoit goes next with the same answer as Abby’s with an extra “never ever make it obvious that you screwed up” at the end with a smile.

I’ll admit that I learned something today when I watched this episode as MNL48’s dance coach asked “why do choreographers use 5,6,7,8 instead of 1,2,3,4?” and Marisela, trying her comedic chops or something, decided to answer that question with this: baliktad ang utak ng mga choreographer at kailangan silang respetuhin yan. I’ll also admit that I laughed at that bit.

Angel, being a choreographer that she was, unleashed her former HalloHallo Café self, asking why Sela answered the question like that (maybe having some flashbacks of Yachang telling corny jokes for 156 episodes does something to your brain) to which Ms. Guia defended herself by telling her teacher that her high school choreographer also has a few screws loose so that’s why she answered it the way that she did.

Okay, enough about mental health, as the right answer according to the coach is that the “5,6,7,8” counting method gets dancers into position and aside from that, the phrase “Are you ready?” serves as the “1,2,3,4”.

The question regarding how many “la la la”s are there in Aitakatta is more of a trivial one as the right answer is 48 but the great Ashley Cloud presents something else to the question. The galaxy-brained answer is this: there are seven “la la la la la”s and 48 “la”s.

I think Ash has the right answer here because if you’re going to consider the song’s lyrics, the letters L and A are repeated 96 times on that part of the song, divide it by 2, you get 48 times the syllable “la” was repeated and it gets repeated seven times. I am probably thinking way too much here.

Funny bits here are Ella forgetting that adding 5 and 7 together will make 12, not 11 and Abby answering either 52 or 42 on the exam.

Don’t forget to promote that MNL48 merchandise, boys! Speaking of the production of this episode, notice that the MNL48 logo on the right side of the screen is gone and everybody’s audible now.

The last question is about Angel’s age. Some say 26, some say 28, Gabb says 18, who knows? Who cares? You should never answer a woman’s age unless you’re a woman yourself, which Angel qualifies as such, so there’s that.

This episode receives a grade of B+, the audio has been fixed and the unncesseary, Eat Bulaga-tier SFX are minimized, the camera went a little bit wonky and out of focus for a second but other than that, it has the same feel as episode 2 so nothing special about it.

Next week’s episode (and review) though, will be a special episode but I don’t want to spoil everybody yet. See you next time on IDOLS@CHOOL!

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