Double Feature: MNL48 Presents Chain/Impact Slammiversary 2020

Part I: MNL48 Presents A PSA on Responding to Clickbait and Why You Shouldn’t

Chain is presented by TVDG in four parts, with each part telling a story of two friends, Jane and Alex who suddenly received a chain message in relation to one of their fellow MNL University (get it?) classmates, Tina Severo, a pagan goth girl, in simplest of terms.

The whole presentation is presented as a Zoom meeting between the two girls an and, come to think of it, that’s a unique way of presenting a horror story in a Filipino context as video chats weren’t that prevalent prior to the lockdowns caused by COVID-19.

There are just some things I would like to point out for reasons of realism. For one, who would send a chain message with a YouTube video as a link? Most scams on Facebook that I know of would never use YouTube as their mode of infecting your PC and in fact, would use websites such as this to do its job.

The acting, for the most part, is nicely done except for some instances like when Jaydee kind of looks like a smug turd when Daryll is asking her if Alex, Jaydee’s character, is asking if she implies that the room in the clickbait video is, in fact, her room. I also liked the whole role reversal with Jane becoming the skeptic when at first, it was Alex who told Jane that you shouldn’t respond to clickbait.

Background music selection is great but the SFX department kind of drops the ball especially where the Zoom chat goes brrt brrt on both girls because if your computer goes ahead and makes a sound like that, your computer should’ve been fried and by fried, I mean you don’t see anything but a DOS prompt.

Tell me, how can these two be alive after all that happened?

The ending for this series seem to look like it ends on a cryptic note (PaksaMNL’s words, not mine) but in my opinion, the ending is as clear as day because Daryll and Jaydee’s characters were obviously dead because if Tina didn’t come out back alive after dealing with the occult, how can these two can?

Overall, Chain garners a 3/5 in my book. The story was presented nicely, Daryll, Jaydee and Jamie had great acting chops (except for some instances where Jaydee’s facial expressions don’t convey the right emotion) and the overall atmosphere of the setting does contribute a lot to the horror feel of the series. It’s just the SFX that craps the bed and some nitpicks in the name of “realism” that bring the score down.

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