The Return of The Comeback: Hallo Hallo Café Reviews Episodes 13-14

After a week of stalling, and by stalling, I mean being a lazy man who wanted to just sleep on weekends and not write about things, here we go. Back to regular programming.

Episode 13

The show begins with Mae asking stupid questions again. I know, I know there are no stupid questions bla bla bla but it’s obvious that hot dogs turn into cold dogs when you put it in a freezer. After that, they go outside of Movie Stars Café to start the main segment of the show.

Let’s a go!!!

Anyhow, this week’s challenge has nothing to do with the fact that Aki Amano got a new bike on this episode’s Amachan counterpart because the girls will have to drag the gremlins from Kaaway 5 to the finish line while the production staff would throw all sorts of stuff from flour to soy sauce and whoever finishes, wins of course.

Monica wins by the virtue of not being slopped by anything and by being the first to finish the race but then Yachang pulls a swerve (again) because he got pissed off so Monica is now the loser. Talk about running a sloppy shop, boss.

During the whole shenanigan segment, the audio suddenly went bad (except for Angel’s voice) for a few seconds. Could they have used the Handycam footage? I don’t know.

Hallo Hallo Panalo is nothing special but I liked the designs for the shirts, especially the logos on the side of the shirt.

Same old ending segment as always. People getting dumped in water and it’s a good thing that Angel doesn’t have the Handycam with her.

Rating: 2/5

Positives: A twist on a pretty normal challenge by slopping the girls while having Kaaway 5 sit on the tires. The shirt designs on Hallo Hallo Panalo.

Negatives: There’s nothing special about this episode, we’re still in the challenge era as it seems. Also, that sloppy job of using handycam audio but I don’t blame them because equipment can fail sometimes.

Episode 14

Monica opens the show but before we go there, Yachang corpsed on live TV as he laughed during the “Welcome to Hallo Hallo Café!” intro. Anyhow, I don’t think Boss Borot is as skinny as she purports to be and also, it’s “borotto” not “borobotto”. By now, you might be noticing that I don’t exactly put the jokes here because I am a lazy man but the joke is basically “what robot is skinny?”.

The reason why Yachang has low energy because he got touched by a scene where Aki gets rescued after drowning. The Kawaii5 girls then butt in because they wanted to ask Yachang for money or something, I don’t know. The audio is a bit unclear.

The boss accepts the bargain without putting the girls into some challenge. This time, they have to get coins into their mouths without having the coins fall off their face. Quick disclaimer here, they are using chocolate coins for this challenge, so nobody chokes to death in this challenge. The losers get pied in the face.

Alice gets a special mention here as her face never moved throughout the game so she gets pied for cheating.

Hallo Hallo Panalo goes outside of SM Mall of Asia, just like in episode 3, and into Oudon, a Japanese udon restaurant.

What’s funny here is that Oudon’s owner is a fan of Amachan and so that’s why he prepared 1000 pieces of mini Unidon. That’s like saying you’re a fan of Curry Man (Christopher Daniels of All Elite Wrestling) and so you decided to create 1000 pieces of curry.

No wacky endings this time but Yachang mispronounced “damit” as “da-mit” which sounded like “damn it”. That is all.

Rating: 3.75/5 (first time to have decimal rating)

Positives: I honestly like the challenge here. Hallo Hallo Entertainment thinking about the safety of their workers by using chocolate coins. Alice getting pied in the face for cheating.

Negatives: The audio is still on the bad side in terms of quality. Not a negative in itself but the fact that the owner of Oudon is a Amachan fan that he made 1000 unidons is just baffling to me.

See you next time for IDOLS@SCHOOL’s return after a week long hiatus as well. For now, have a dancing Angel GIF.

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