IDOLS@SCHOOL! VI – The New School(mates)

Now that the FanFes dust has settled (and now that I can use my computer to write again), it’s time for your Wednesday morning iSchool reviews.

Wait, the new girls didn’t do introductions?! That’s something..or you know, learn to wait, John.

Three new students were added and today’s lesson is more on Japanese culture, after Anne telling that she went to Japan without dealing with the traffic. Stay classy, sensei.

Speaking of sensei, the new teacher is named Kazu who is a comedian in real life. I thought that it’s going to be Yachang at first with pink hair. The new teacher asks for Sayaka for help in Tagalog, she rebuts in Japanese, neat.

First lesson in the curriculum, Japanese pagubatee..or more likely, greetings. They learn about stuff like ohayou (not oayou or ohapyou), konnichiwa and the like. We’ll speak about technicalities here later on but Kazu-sensei (and Awane-sensei for that matter) really know their stuff when it comes to Japanese.

A short bit with Kazu becomes the student is a bit funny. There’s also that part where Kazu asks Sela if she wants balot.

It looks like this is going to be a review with less words and focus heavily on pictures.

This is a nothing episode when it comes to “plot” but when it comes to educational content, I’ll give this one an A. I learned a lot of things in the span of 15 minutes. Production quality wise, this is pretty decent and I don’t see any botches whatsoever.

Speaking of technicalities, and I am no expert in Japanese (trust me, a guy who “learned” Japanese by watching Crayon Shin-chan against two people with Japanese blood in them, it’s obvious that I am in the losing end here) but I don’t think konnichiwa translates directly to “good afternoon” but it’s more of a general greeting like “good day”.

According to Coto Academy’s blog, konnichiwa is more of a shortened version of a very long greeting kyou wa tenki ga ii desu ne which means, the “Today, the weather is nice” and stuff like that.

On the part where Kazu-sensei gives us the multiple words the Japs use for the pronoun “I”, there are some discrepancies, especially when it comes to the word uchi.

It could be that Kazu-sensei is a weeaboo or explaining Kansai-ben would fly over the girls’ (sans Sayaka for obvious reasons and maybe Faith because she’s a wota like you and me) heads so he opted to use the cute girl example instead.

Also, I don’t think boku-chan exists in Japanese lingo but I am 100% sure boku does so why Yachang (the producer) didn’t correct Kazu or whoever wrote the “script” (because I doubt that there is one) is beyond me now.

You can refer to these links for more information about Japanese pronouns for “I”.

Speaking of things beyond me, I would leave the technicalities for now. See you next time and let me just dump these pictures if you want to learn Japanese, MNL48-style plus something you can use for oshi-flexing

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