IDOLS@SCHOOL!! Episode Seven

Okay, let’s stop procrastinating here and let’s get back to work. I’ve been playing Fire Pro and browsing /asp/ for too damn long, let’s get to it.

After a 46 second flashback to the previous episode and that good ol’ shot of Don Alejandro Roces Sr. High School and it begins.

Just a reminder, this is an exam episode so this will be more of an opinionated review…or not since we’re talking about “Japanese Study Time”.

The show starts with Kazu having a hard time speaking in Filipino but he’s trying his best. Let’s talk more about our friend Kazu later as we have questions and answers to discuss.

1.) Kung ang sashimi ay mga pagkaing hilaw or fresh, saan mas masarap kumain tuwing tanghalian at bakit? (If sashimi is fresh food, where would be the best place to eat lunch and why?)

At first glance, you won’t get the question because where does sashimi go into this as you don’t usually eat sashimi during lunchtime. It’s more of a snack time food but once you’ve seen (and heard) the answers, the question morphs into this: saan maganda kumain ng sashimi at bakit? (Where do you think is the best place to eat sashimi and why?).

Sheki halfway gets it because she answered it’s better to eat at home because the food is 100% cooked but she defended her answer by saying that she doesn’t like uncooked food or, in this case, sashimi.

Sela totally understood the question and answered it correctly but the answer just threw me off a bit. Why would you eat sashimi, or anything else for that matter, in a laundry area? That just comes off as unhygienic as you’re dealing with not only germs from dirty laundry but also from the water coming out of the washing machine.

Maybe she is going with the experience of being near a body of water to get that authentic Japanese experience while eating sashimi but dude, you’re just going to get sick from doing that. Here’s something to read on if you’re dumbfounded by what I am talking about.

2.) Sa iyong palagay, bakit ang blackboard ay kulay green? (In your own opinion, why is it called a blackboard if it’s green?)

I won’t go into details as to why is it called blackboard if it’s going to be colored green, you can read that here. What I am going to talk about here is this: how is this related to the ways of Japanese people?

I don’t know, Kazu-sensei doesn’t know, the girls don’t know and I am 100% sure Yachang doesn’t know as well but whatever, let’s get into the “answers” as this is obviously an opinionated one.

Sayaka gave a joke answer but I’ll give it a pass because the question is kind of placed as a joke question. What she answered simply summarizes to this: dude just wants to name it as such.

Jem, on the other hand, tried to answer this as best as possible but it just isn’t going to work. “Blackboards are always messy after use and that is why it gets to be black” is her answer. That doesn’t answer why is something named “blackboard” green. You failed on that one, Jem.

By the way, I liked this shot here as it gives that perspective that the teacher’s place is higher than where the students are, giving an illusion of great height.

3.) Sa Japan, uso ang bento box na karaniwang binabaon sa school. Pwede bang kainin ang lunchbox tuwing dinner? (Can you eat your packed lunch during dinner?)

If you’re going to read the question literally, it’s a case of lost in translation as for one, you can’t eat your lunch box but that’s obviously not the point of the question here, hence my translation of said question.

Nothing much to be said here because unlike the previous two questions, the answers are nothing out of left field. Moving on.

4.) Bakit kailangan magtanggal ng sapatos bago pumasok sa bahay o kahit sa ibang establishment sa Japan? (In Japan, why do we need to take our shoes off when visiting someone’s home or any other establishment?)

Now we’re talking about a Japanese custom here and the answers here are correct. It’s all about cleanliness and the Japanese are big on keeping things clean, neat, and orderly and there’s history to back this up as in ancient times, roads aren’t paved yet so there’s bound to be mud on their shoes, thus taking them off before entering someone’s house because it’s hard to clean dirt from a tatami mat. (, 2017).

It also pertains to respecting one’s space as you certainly don’t want to make your own home dirty so why should you do it on other people’s homes?

Here are some of the answers with some Kazu thrown in:

5.) Kung ang Tokyo ang capital ng Japan at Manila ang capital ng Philippines, ano ang tunay na pangalan ni Teacher Kazu? (What’s Kazu-sensei’s full name?)

You might think this is just like the blackboard question because of how the question is laid out to the girls but it will shock you that this isn’t the case.

On one hand, you’ll see absurd answers like Kazu-Bazooka or Tonkatzu and that’s what makes it seem to look like that Kazu-sensei is making a joke question…

..and then he points out that his name is Kazuki Tanaka, thereby invalidating all claims that the question is a joke one.

Let me just get the grade out of the way. This episode has a grade of A+. So far, I don’t see any production mishaps like a fluctuating audio volume or overabundance of stock SFX and this episode is just as entertaining as heck.

If you plan to start watching MNL48 iSchool, I’d say start with episode 1 of course but out of all the 7 episodes I’ve watched so far, episodes 6 and 7 take the cake for being the best one out of the early episodes, at least in my opinion.

With all of the guest teachers so far, I really loved Kazu on this role because I can see here that he really enjoyed working with the girls as well as Filipinos in general. Speaking of which, I’d really like to delve on Kazu’s comedy career with HPN3 as well as their stay in the Philippines and that is something that I will have to write on next time.

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