The PH Coscom War: A Tale Of Two Cosplay Groups

Here we go again with a tale from the Philippine cosplay community, or coscom for short, and this time it’s still ongoing as we speak.

During this time of global lock down, di pa rin papaawat ang mga tao sa coscom kasi kahit walang convention, aba aba may issue pa ring nauungkat, whether be it past or present.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages let me present to you the following groups: Cosplay Scrambolan and Cosplayers Freedom Wall PH.

First of all, let me at least explain a bit kung paano at bakit nabuo itong mga grupo na ‘to. Remember Online Rambulan and Freedom Wall PH? That’s basically it, it’s the same kind of content that made those pages popular in the first place with a cosplay spin on it.

Sa mga group na to, pwede ka magrant, pwede kang maglabas ng “resibo”, umamin na crush mo yung isang cosplayer (hanap bebe much) at kung ano ano pa.

Bago pa man tayo dumayo sa kung anong nangyari, kilalanin natin yung dalawang factions sa PH coscom “war” kung matatawag man na “war” ‘to.

Red Corner: Cosplay Scrambolan

Scrambolan lang, walang personalan

Initiated on May 31, 2020, Cosplay Scrambolan became the spiritual successor of another rambulan group named “Online Weeaboo Rambulan” namely because doon natuloy yung beef between noted Kamen Rider enthusiast Leonard Aguilar and photographer turned K-pop idol Brian Durano and also, namatay din yung group kaya yung biggest issue from the weeb community got spilled out to the cosplay community via OWR refugees.

Scrambolan deviates itself from the issues inside PH coscom sometimes, may mga weeb related memes and other stuff as well like scrambol recipes. Kung di niyo alam kung ano yung scrambol, here it is.

Unlike OWR (as far as I can remember) where anything goes, Scrambolan has ground rules like no derogatory remarks (like “autistic” or the six-letter F word) or death threats kasi aside from preventing the Zucc to ban the page, it might escalate to real-life consequences.

As of now, it has 2000+ members and there are three admins and five moderators maintaining peace and order on a group that deals with cosplay community issues.

Blue Corner: Cosplayers Freedom Wall PH

The real face of the cosplay community, or any community in general.

For some reason, I can’t seem to find when was this page created but according sa profile picture ng page, it was created two days before the birth of Cosplay Scrambolan. CFWPH’s modus operandi differs from Scrambolan whereas sa Scrambolan, kahit sino puwede mag post (as long as sumusunod sa guidelines ang post), CFWPH would provide a link for people to submit whatever they want to say on their minds related to the community, ika nga nila, whether be it positive or negative.

The system also doesn’t reveal kung sino nagpost but that’s most likely kasi they’re using a third party app and just like the scrambol loving group, they have their own rules and regulations but unlike said scrambol group, may guides sila for censorship. You can find that here.

Basing on what I can see on the page as well, the page was intended to be a hub for wholesomeness and positivity within the community pero mas dumami yung mga nagkalat kaysa sa mga nagshoutout regarding “crush ko si x cosplayer” and other wholesome posts so naging hub ng “coscom toxicity”.

The First Shot

At first, never nagoverlap ang mga rants from both sides and while CFWPH is minding their own business, ang ganap naman sa Cosplay Scrambolan is this: may former member ng Jejecostplayers PH na naging usap-usapan sa loob ng group because for one, kinalaban niya yung isang admin kasi nahalungkat daw yung issues niya in the past.

So far, nacontain lang sa loob ng public FB group yung issue and then something happened…

For the first time ever, the people outside the group knew kung anong nangyayari sa loob even though never namention yung group name.

Sure, CS was and is a public group pero this post didn’t do anything to “shed light” na meron palang grupo sa FB dedicated to cosplay shitposting.

Also, nilalangaw din yung post just by looking at the metrics sa post itself but this is the first time someone took potshots at someone inside Scrambolan.

Nothing much happened after this but this is the first shot in this “cosplay war”.

The War Finally Begins

The following months after the first shot, wala masyadong nangyayari between the two camps pero dahil sunod-sunod ang mga submissions sa Freedom Wall regarding cosplay related drama, yung mga miyembro ng Scrambolan have decided to have a laugh sa mga anons na sa Freedom Wall lang matapang because they wanted to join in on the fun.

I mean who doesn’t want to watch a dumpster fire of an issue?

..and here are the memes. Scrambolan’s main gripe with the peeps at CFWPH is that may pa-anon anonymous pa kasi, bakit hindi na lang lantaran maglabas ng resibo, with full name and all?

I understand na CFWPH does this to protect the identity of both the accuser and the accused pero I agree with the statements of Cosplay Scrambolan.

Here’s the thing, una sa lahat Facebook to, hindi 4chan na hindi mo talaga makikilala kung sino yung nagpost at kung sino yung pinapatamaan mo. Kaya isearch ng mga tao kung sino ka or sino sya by just typing the name on the search bar.

Also, maliit ang populasyon ng PH coscom (kung ikukumpara mo sa PH weeb community na may malalaking hubs like TGOOK and ACGP) so obvious kung sino yung pinapatamaan mo minsan so why not diretsuhin mo na lang kaysa na magpost ka na parang naglalapag ka ng racist memes sa /pol/?

Anyhow, rant over and somehow, people got wind of how yung mga issues sa Freedom Wall ay napaguusapan sa loob ng groups like Scrambolan like these people for example:

…and mayroon ding mga supporters ang Scrambol group sa CFWPH like these people:

…and also, may mga memes din.

…pero di pa dito nagtatapos ang giyera kasi isang sa sobrang daming issue ng coscom (some are so damn worse na ayaw kong i-mention due to the gravity of the issues) na hanggang ngayon may mga nagpopost sa Scrambolan, may nagpopost pa rin sa Freedom Wall at may bangayan pa rin between two groups.

From Essa to egg knorr, hanggang may issue, may mga groups pa rin na lulutaw to entertain the inner tsimoso at tsismosa in us.

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