The Nihonjin 3: IDOLS@SCHOOL! Episode 7.5

This week, I decided not to watch the next episode of MNL48 iSchool but instead delve more into one of the teachers the girls had for the past seven episodes, Kazuki Tanaka or, as Sela mentioned, Kazu-bazooka.

Well, actually, this is going to be more than just Kazu because he is just part of a comedy trio aptly named Hapon 3, or HPN3 for short.

HPN3 is composed of Kazu-bazooka, Kazuo Inoue (aka Ino) and Yuuki Horikoshi (aka Yuuki). Prior to forming HPN3, Yuuki was a solo comedian while Ino and Kazu are part of a duo called Golden Age (aka kogane jidai, not to be confused with another duo called Golden Age aka goruden eiji which does Prank Invasion type videos). All three of them are under the employment of Yoshimoto-kogyo, a well-known tarento agency.

Not much footage can be found about Golden Age’s work prior to forming HPN3 aside from this clip from a comedy show on one of TV ASAHI’s regional stations where they performed WORLD IS MINE as JoJo characters (together with RADIO FISH) while Yuuki has some material on YouTube under his stage name Horikkoshi.

If their YouTube channel is to be seen, they came to the Philippines under Yoshimoto-kogyo’s orders somewhere in April of 2016 and on the 29th, they released their first video under the HPN3 banner titled “Being an entertainer in gun society Philippines” and it’s more of telling the Japanese their experiences as gaijin in the Philippines.

Their popularity exploded in the Philippines when they became contestants on the late ABS-CBN’s noontime show “It’s Showtime”, wherein they became one of the top finalists but they lost to Ryan “Rock ‘n Roll to The World” Rems. Their Philippine-based shenanigans didn’t stop here as they went ahead and vlogged their way into the hearts of their 5,610 subscribers, yours truly included.

In an interview with Yoshimoto Kogyo’s Laugh and Peace news magazine when the trio returned to Japan for a show last year, both Kazu and Yuuki expressed their fears when they learned that PH was a dangerous place to live in (probably because of Oplan Tokhang) but after three years of living in the country, they find it comfortable to live here. Ino mentioned about the Filipino’s appreciation of Japanese food.

With that out of the way, let me give you the top 5 HPN3 videos I’ve seen on both HPN3’s channel:

5. Tara na sa THE BRICKYARD sa QC/Bumuo ako ng pekeng Tamiya (KAZU INO PLANET)

4. Kazu and Ino on Pisonet/Anong paborito mong anime?

3. Yuuki cooks tikoy

2. Isang-daang siling labuyo challenge

1. Jollibee yum burger 30-second challenge and the sequel.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back doing some more proper episode reviews next week.

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