Bye, Us: The Review

Remember when I said I will review Bye, Us as a double feature with something else? I kind of lied because I can’t see to find anything suitable to pair this with. Anyhow, here’s the long overdue Bye, Us review. Enjoy.

Bye, Us is about Jackie and Portia, two people that are what you can call “super best friends” because distance doesn’t seem to be a hindrance to them (Portia is in Japan) as they keep in touch with each other, but that will all change because of two things: a stupid joke and a girl named Jules.

If you think about it, Portia caused the rift in the friendship in the first place.

Plot: The whole plot of this story is nothing out of the ordinary, for shoujo ai standards but it is unique for Filipino tastes. Think of it as My Husband’s Lover lite but without the explicit pandering to the gay community and the GMA trademark of over the top dramatics.

The only hole I can see is what is Jules supposed to be? Is she an OFW too? Is she Japanese? If so, why does she know how to speak Tagalog and if not, why does the show try to imply that she is? Enough about my nitpicks about one’s race, let’s move on.

Visuals: Video quality is top notch by TVDG standards and it also has the same COVID-19 lockdown ambiance that Chain has although with this one, it’s less pronounced as the world inside Bye, Us is more of a grounded world with no supernatural stuff happening in it.

The only negative things that I can see is that for one, all people involved seemed to have too much makeup on that they seemed to be lacking in sunlight and that goes also to Portia who regularly jogs with Jules that by now, she should have at least have had a bit of a tan on her, weird isn’t it?

Somebody forgot to check episode 1.

Sound: Sound quality on this presentation is okay, nothing special about it. I kind of liked the subtle advertising for “365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel” as it is the theme song for the whole series. The other songs are more of like filler for my taste as they provide nothing important to the context of the story.

Pacing: I don’t have any issues with the pacing of the series, in fact, I think the pacing is neither too fast nor too slow, it’s just right. I don’t see any plot holes on the story structure either and unlike Chain, the ending isn’t so obvious as Portia doesn’t imply or explicitly tell Jackie to not talk to her again, it gave the viewers a good ending despite the downer moment of Porsche telling Jack she’s straight.

Overall: I’ll admit that I’m not of a fan of shoujo ai nor of any sappy love drama but objectively, Bye, Us is a good showing of what the MNL48 girls can do and how TVDG brought those qualities out.  I didn’t feel that they’re acting, it is as if that they’re the characters themselves. The story itself isn’t anything special but it got my attention and the little holes on the plot didn’t make the experience less enjoyable than what it is, in my opinion.

2 thoughts on “Bye, Us: The Review

  1. Jules is confirmed to just being a Portia’s Filipino neighbor. It isn’t confirmed if she was born there tho but it’s more likely that she’s an immigrant who moved to Japan earlier than Portia since she seems to know her way around the local area compared to Portia.

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