KurotsukiCon Vol.2 Special

So, KuroCon volume 2 came and went and as to loosely borrow from the late “Ravishing” Rick Rude, “second verse is going to be the same as the first. A little bit rowdier and a whole lot better (not worse)”.

So what panels did I get to attend to this time? Unlike the first volume where I only managed to “attend” one panel, I was able to go to two panels. Originally, I was planning for three but due to the lack of sleep, I opted not to go to the third one (timezones can be a pain, based on experience) so I went ahead and cut my losses and slept.

Anyhow, this article/blog post will be divided into two sections, one for presenting a case for using YouTube as anime distribution platform presented by Mr. keepsakes himself, Jay Agonoy and the second part is less of a study and more of a regular cosplay convention panel.

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