MNL48 HalloHalloween Havoc

Miss HalloHalloween is an online Halloween costume contest organized by HalloHallo Entertainment on the night of Halloween, October 31st, 2020. This was supposed to be an event to celebrate Halloween but with HalloHallo being HalloHallo, this instead served as a replacement of some sort for the supposedly incoming Third General Election which got delayed for some odd reason.

Imagine WWE cancelling WrestleMania for no reason at all.

I also chose to cover this since Pranks Not Dead’s first episode hasn’t been released yet.

Well, this is a good start. The event was supposed to be live at 6:00 PM PHT but come 6PM, we’re still waiting for the stream to start.

Okay, so the event starts…with a sound test. After nine minutes, they started with a sound test. Sheki and Belle are your masters of ceremonies for tonight but Belle’s video seems to be frozen from time to time and HHE can’t really move on with the canned SFX, do they?

Each candidate has their own super stickers and the MNLoves will have to spam the chat box with super stickers to vote for their oshi/candidate.

In turn, each oshi who participated in this event really went out with a bang because, I admit, they really did their best with their costumes and presentation.

The oshi who has the best costume gets a beauty package but that doesn’t mean she’s the grand champion because out of the 13 people, only eight will be selected.

Those who didn’t make the cut get a short interview thanking the MNLoves (God, that nickname is cringy) who voted for them during the preliminaries.

I kinda expected Gabb to win because, Gabb and because Kakegurui but my vote would’ve gone to Tin because she kayfabed the hell out of her corpse bride gimmick (she even had to go to a salon for that one) and bro, how can Sheki and Belle not recognize Jigsaw?

They just mentioned that HHE is planning a Christmas event. Also, the top 8 got some free nail polish and steam masks and after that, let the spamming begin.

The top eight explain more about their costumes, ranging from the Victorian-era goth to literal cosplay *cough*Gia*cough* to Gabb just being a weeaboo. Most of the costumes were made possible with the help of their parents and with some leftover makeup as well.

Miho’s getup supposed to be Venom but that looks more like Finn Balor to me and she deserves a BAH GAWD because she did all of that using felt pen and poster paint. Now that’s what ya call resourceful.

Funny story here, Thea wanted to be a kuchisake onna but her makeup skills are so great that she scared herself, so she did a 15 minute change to a Junji Ito character.

The Duran twins are a meme candidate basing on their simple costumes but it took them three hours to get themselves prepared so they deserved their spot, I guess.

Gia gets left out, not on purpose, but it’s a botch on Sheki and Belle’s part so how they saved this bit? By making Gia the “save the best for last” option, of course. It turns out that she decided to just literally cosplay as Wonder Woman to differentiate herself from the Halloween themed costumes.

So now, while we wait for the Top 4, Sheki retell a story about a time when she saw a black lady and then she fainted and how she got to play with ghosts as a kid, only for Belle to retort with something. Cole then gets to shut down a simp by saying thanks.

Gabb then retells a story about how she tried to prank the other members on the MNL48 mansion but then out of nowhere, they heard a baby cry. Did HHE built the MNL48 mansion on an Indian burial ground? RTWT48 then tells MNLoves via superchat to vote some website’s awards.

So more horror stories are being told as we stall for the voting time to close out and most of the stories are based on the MNL48 mansion and then came the announcement for the final four and a production botch happens as the BGM supposed to play wasn’t even being heard on the stream so load their rendition of High Tension, they did.

Who gets to be in the final four? Gabb, Thea, Jamie, and Emz. Let the games begin. 

The next segment? It’s a debate. What is the topic? Who would win a TikTok battle? The TikTok or the tikbalang?

The pro tikbalang argument went for looks while the pro tiktik camp opted for weight and tiktik sounding a bit like TikTok.

Next round would be for gnomes (duende) or hellspawn(tiyanak) as who will win in a game of…..Chinese garter.

I agree with Gabb here. How can hellspawn jump? They’re basically babies.

To stall for more time, they asked the MNLoves for crazy debate topics in the same vein as duende vs tiyanak and then they talk about trick or treat stories, something not much done here.

After much stalling, we will now get our main event. The slugfest between Gabb and Jamie is now underway.

The final round is your typical Q&A.  Sheki asks Gabb about how can demons help people during this pandemic. Gabb replies with package delivery which makes sense since Yano, spirits CAN teleport from one place to another.

Belle then asks Jamie about creating a new denomination using a supernatural creature as a face. For one, I don’t think that would fly too well with people since yanno, Philippines being a Jesus believing country and second of all, the BSP would rather put in another president like Ramos or Laurel or something the NHI would approve.

At this point, I don’t care about the answer but Jamie answered with a fairy.

At this point, I didn’t care as to what stalling tactic they use to wait for the voting period to end so I didn’t bother to put it in here.

At long last, the event comes to a close with….Ikaw Ang Melody?! Okay, I give them this one as there’s no legit intermission number or whatnot.

Okay, after the intermission numbers, after all that stuff that happened that made Miss HalloHalloween longer than an episode of Monday Night Raw in 2020, Jamie is declared the titular awardee for 2020. This is like Steve Austin winning the 1997 Royal Rumble when everybody expected Bret Hart to win.

Miss HalloHalloween is one of the things I would call a great show/event if it didn’t have the runtime of more than three hours. It didn’t help that there were some gaffes in the production itself and the late start time was a contributing factor to that.

Sheki and Belle have this chemistry akin to Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan and they make a great hosting tandem. The debates were a fun addition to an otherwise run of the mill pageant.

I just wished they minimized the usage of those sound effects. It made it sound like TAPE Inc produced the show.

I hope y’all boppers are safe from this incoming typhoon or hurricane, depending on where you’re from. Next time, Mario Mario vs Kakarotto. I really am not making this up.

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