Rayas-WEB News 5: There Is No News

I am going to lie to you guys, as always, but not all the way this time as I have some things to get off my chest here.

I admit that I haven’t been posting on this site very often, and this isn’t just because I would rather watch an AJPW supercards G+ airs at midnight (thanks to some app called W TV and sketchy as it is, I can get my unsubtitled Japanese goodness at the palm of my hand). That’s part of it but the main reason I haven’t been posting lately is that for one, I got promoted to a supervisor and with that promotion comes more work to be done so that means less time on this site.

That also means that I might have to drop some things like comics and Hallo Hallo Cafe reviews because for the love of everything that’s humane, I can’t watch a 5 minute variety show and spew my thoughts about it, much less so doing a mini comic without sacrificing sleep. I might get back to it someday, if things get better (I doubt it will).

The iSchool reviews will still be here, that’s a fact as well as the whole Random Stuff Found On The Internet thing I do on the Facebook page. I might even still do the whole Mario vs Goku thing (which I admit, I haven’t watched yet together with Pranks Not Dead).

That is all for now, see ya.

Oh, by the way, Reg Abiang of PAKSA MNL will be reviving his own site, Reggie’s Blurbs so if you want some more MNL48 content, you can go there.

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