So I’m 27, Now What?

I don’t celebrate my birthday on its exact date, January 14, but mostly two or three days after that because of work-related shenanigans (aka what you kids in school call “hell week”). It has been a tradition for three (maybe so more than that) years and unless I find a new job, it stays that way.

Another thing I realized, is that I’m three years away from the big 3-0.

Now you might be thinking, you’re almost 30 and you’re still into cartoons and idols? Yes, because aside from browsing on Facebook, Twitter, and 4chan, that’s my hobby.

Now I would’ve been like a regular blogger and went to somewhere like Dungeon Akiba or would’ve bought myself some sort of a gift like that Living The Dream DVD (which would’ve already come out if it weren’t for HHE being HHE) but we got a mutated version of the Corona here so it would be best for me to do some sort of a Letterman-esque list here.

So here we are:

Where Would I Be Right Now If It Weren’t for COVID-19
  1. Cubao because I need to get some copies of Ozine and write a long overdue comparison with Questor.
  2. SM Megamall
  3. That one Quantum in Starmall with some old Capcom and SEGA arcade machines.
  4. Whatever fast food restaurant/ramen stall and do a review.
  5. Some random toy stores in Greenhills.
  6. Movie Stars Café (if there was an MNL48 event. Never have been to one of those).
  7. Hang out with the peeps at work.
  8. Dungeon Akiba’s new location
  9. Whatever convention is on at this time
  10. At home, doing nothing as usual.

..and here’s the list, see you again next week!

Nope! We’re not done yet, let’s talk about this site since it’s celebrating its 1st birthday of sorts.

A little bit of the background, I created this account back in 2015 only to comment on some manga scanlator group’s posts, and then the idea of doing some sort of “cosplay convention review” site popped in my mind.

Being the weeb wars veteran that I am, I wanted to cover what happened during the convention and be some sort of an anime blogger but with a twist and that being more focusing on older anime and the weebsphere.

Think of it as this, if sites like keepsakes, OtakuPlay, and O’Taco Bites are the Gigguks and Akidearests of the Philippine weebsphere, my site would be the Kenny Lauderdale equivalent.

Then COVID-19 happened and then I wrote a chronicle of what happened with MNL48 for the past year of its existence while trying my hardest to give it the same feel as a Mister Metokur video and then I went on about the local weeb community and it’s two sides: the ones who are stuck in the 90s and the current breed of weeaboos on the internet with a side of my history between both sides.

I thought I’ll never have to touch this site again but this birthday of mine made me want to write again and although I’m not going to be as “active” as I was before (at least for these two months because of new position responsibilities and all that), I would like to thank those who read the articles and to those who comment, thanks for visiting this site.

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