A Travel Log In The Time of COVID-19

We’re now a month away from January of 2021 and with the lightening of my load comes a much deserved trip outside of the house. Ever since lockdown protocols were enacted back in March, I almost never went outside my house, or for that matter, my village for the rest of 2020. Let’s just say that I was grateful that everything was set to motion for this event.

First Stop: Rambulls Bakahan Sa Tanay

To steal a line from the town of Tanay’s own website: Located at Manila East Road 1980, Rambulls is literally beside the highway. They offer lechon, kambing and tuna dishes but is known for their tasty Bulalo. Rambulls operate 24 hours a day, so they provide a good stop for families and motorists on the road.

..and all of that is true. This isn’t my first time eating in this place and I can say that they don’t only offer lechon and bualo, they also have their own take of the Cebuano dish called balbakwa aka a variation of beef stew with added collagen from other cow parts such as skin and joints. They also serve steaks and cakes if that’s what you’re into but their best seller really is the aforementioned bulalo.

The soup from the bulalo can go ahead and jump start your day (or at least give you a wake up call if you’re working on the night shift). Balbakwa can be a hit or miss, depending if you’re a picky eater and while the other dishes are good as well, they really excel with beef dishes. Give this a try if you’re raring for some great beef taste.


I believe it’s time to start updating the photography section of this website after I finish this entry. I also have to do some research regarding the events leading to and the 3rd General Election itself.

This GE is the wildest ride HalloHallo Entertainment had in a while not only because of Corona-chan but organizational woes that led to some MNLoves hearing a rumor that after this, HHE will return the rights to Akimoto’s Vernalossom. Think of it as MNL48: Idol Group Development Hell 2.

For the meantime, enjoy these rainy weather snapshots inside the car.

Last Stop: Toy Park Antipolo

Finally, a toy store that caters to the adult toy collector in the city of Antipolo. Welcome one and all to Toy Park Antipolo.

Located at a nondescript store just outside Victory Park and Shop, an Antipoloeño weeaboo such as I can now spend his hard earned money on figurines that he can display on a cabinet somewhere in his house.

The store is not even new to the city of Antipolo as this actually WAS the fabled toy store inside Victory Park & Shop that was replaced with a McDonald’s. The reason for the move was simple: they were expanding.

Their wares don’t differ that much from your usual adult toy collector store. You have your standards like SH Figuarts, some Lego wares, stuff from the 1990s and early 2000s and a lot of those mini statues like Grandistas and those BFWC figs. Looks like the expansion work isn’t done yet as only a small amount of building space was used.

They also sell ice cream and cold cuts so be warned if you got confused coming inside the shop. Let me post the rest of the photographs or just go to the Photos section of the website:

Well, that is all for now. See you again when I watch MNL48 iSchool again or whenever I finish the 3rd GE article.

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