ELEVEN: MNL48 iSchool episode 11

I’m still working on that Third General Election retrospective and I think that one might take a while. I might even do a Zaido retrospective (because a lot of people liked the Zaido ads on Facebook) if I have the time or found the subbed version of the first episode but enough about what I promise I’d do, let’s go with what we’re watching right now.

For one, how is Anne getting these teachers out of thin air? How did she get a meter stick? More likely, how does the iSchool administration be able to survive without having a roster of teachers?!

Who cares, today’s subject is discipline. This week’s teacher is named Allan, aka Teacher A. Where’s Teacher B? Okay, I’ll stop.

Don’t let his Bongbong Marcos look and his Jackie Chan voice fool you not only because he’s bald but it’s because teacher A is one mean sumbitch as even if you made one bit of noise, you’ll stand until class is over and that’s how his style of discipline works.

He also has little patience for stupid people because if you can’t answer his question, you’ll stand up until class is over. He doesn’t entertain questions because screw you, that’s why and if you ever question his literacy in spelling the word “discipline”, then prepare to defend yourself.

I wish I can hear some of the answers from the first half because the audio is barely listenable until we got to Quincy. Maybe teacher A should have them stand up until class is over. Discipline basically means GMRC for Teacher A and there’s no need to question that. It’s something that not only idols need, but everyone in general do. I guess the boomers are right about bringing back GMRC in schools.

Teacher A might be a master of discipline but he’s no master in facing the camera because he had to ask for a cut. Did I also mention that he was bald?

I mean, we’re not live pal but come on. He then gives an exam, as usual, and just to add insult to injury, wrong spelling wrong.

I’ll grade this episode with B, aside from the audio problems, the camera tends to be a bit jerky at times, so much so that it’s kind of a bit messy to look at sometimes.

Also, unlike episodes 1 and 6, they didn’t even bother to give profiles for the four new girls. Are we really doing this HHE? Seriously?

With that out of the way, let me go back to documenting the 3rd General Election Timeline and oh yeah, that Ideon thing. Might have to do it sometime after the timeline.

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