IDOLS@SCHOOL XII: Idol Discipline with an Iron Fist!! Great Discipline Teacher A-San!!

Another exam results episode coming your way and stay tuned because I wanted to plug something in…and no, it’s not something I do.

First question: Kung ang kaibigan mo ay may body odor, ano ang sasabihin at gagawin mo? (If your buddy smells like s***, what would you say to him/her?).

Sheki goes with the discrete approach, which is something I had, in hindsight, should’ve done back in high school. They then look at each other as to see who’s that person she’s referring to. Thanks, teacher A.

Lara, on the other hand, went into the “learn how to use a deodorant” approach by immediately buying deo for that person, which A-sensei asks if that action wouldn’t offend said person. Sensibilities were thrown right out of the window because Lara answered back with “it depends on the deodorant brand”.

Next question: Paano mo tutulungan ang isang lola sa pagtawid kung ikaw mismo ay hindi marunong tumawid sa kalsada? (You don’t know how to cross the street; how can you even help some octogenarian on getting to the other side safely?). Kind of a bizarre twist on an age-old question.

The egg idol goes with the answer “either we both cross the street or we both die” in which she backs it up by saying mahina ang loob ko (I’m always afraid). Really activates my almonds there…

Quincy decides to have a brainstorming section with grandma, kind of impractical if you think about it.

What if grandma needs to visit the hospital because grampa is being operated by the doctor and it’s a life or death situation? That takes a lot of time, Quincy. .

She then uses “quick mafs” to explain her reasoning… which doesn’t really make sense because that only applies on algebra..

This is another one of those la la la la sa Aitakatta questions and if you know your Bible stories, you already know the answer to this because Moses didn’t put any animals on the ark, Noah did. I also didn’t know eggs are now considered as animals.

Next question is “how would you solve the traffic problem?” and I don’t think that falls under “discipline”. I’ll explain later.

Quincy goes with the communistic approach, by banning driver’s licenses. I know there’s no such thing as stupid questions but there’s such a thing as stupid answers. For one, you can’t expect people to walk from say Movie Stars Café to Iba, Zambales and expect them to be there in less than a day. On a side note, A-sensei gets his revenge by pointing out spelling mistakes.

Alyssa also uses the “stupid answer to a legitimate question” technique by banning cars. I understand the health aspect of her reasoning (by mentioning BMI) but that only applies if you’re going to Aling Nena’s store which is two blocks down your condominium, not from Zambales to Movie Stars Café.

More trick questions as they ask how they would visualize the person in front of them, and Marsela gets the short end of the stick again, as she answered it like this:

Also, remind me to watch Hallo Hallo Café, Alice because this is the funniest one I’ve seen from Alice on iSchool and of course, we have to remind everyone that A-sensei is bald. We rrrreeeaaaalllllyyy have to do that, don’t we friend?

The show ends with a recap of what they learned on episode 11 about what they learned about discipline. A-sensei ends the class with a heartfelt message saying he’s proud of them, something that might bite him back years later…

I rate this episode if iSchool with a B, the boom mics are still visible on the screen but at least they’re becoming nondescript and the answers really are funny. The question, sans for the Noah’s ark one and how would you visualize Teacher A one, might need more work because while the deodorant question falls under discipline, and the old grandma crossing the street is GMRC, which in itself is part of discipline, solving the traffic crisis isn’t.

That’s more of something an engineer, or a senator, or even the head of MMDA would answer, not some random person, much less an idol. I think it would be better if it’s worded as “paano ka makakatulong sa mga plano upang lumuwag ng daloy ng trapiko?” (How can you help with the ongoing plans to lessen road traffic?)

All in all, this is an episode that you need to watch the previous one to get the context of what’s going on as with other exam episodes.

Next week, more of iSchool reviews and also, listen to this weekend’s Late Night Talks with our oshi, Anne-sensei.

Huh, I made it without sneaking a reference to pro wrestling this time. Good work, me but I need to get to watching those movies I’ve downloaded and review them.

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