Of Late Night Talks and Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatches aka Site News.

We’re now nearing the end of the first quarter of 2021 and sure enough, I’ll be posting less of these stuff as I’ll be focusing on another retrospective on a certain show I know most people have watched and hated back then and still do now.

Hello! Zaido This is the next retrospective article I was talking about. Ever since I created the Facebook page for this site and started posting Zaido previews I found on Eat Bulaga’s YouTube channel (seriously, that channel is a goldmine of 2000s GMA goodness), a lot of people liked those videos and those videos alone as they didn’t care about the stuff I post here or the three MNL48 ads I posted, so here we are.

I also have a deep history with this series as I got hooked into watching this show because I watched the Shaider reruns channel 7 aired they announced this. I hope I can get some information on the Toei side of things because most of the stuff you’ll find is from the GMA part of the deal. I always wanted to know why reruns of Zaido never appeared on Fox Filipino or any other channel but reruns of Super Twins do.

Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatches, What Are Those? I haven’t seen the full PPV event for All Elite Wrestling’s Revolution but I saw wrestling twitter explode into frenzy when they got disappointed with the fireworks during the last minutes of the much hyped Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega fight inside a barbed wire ring filled with “explosives”.

To be honest, I didn’t expect that much from AEW since I know that no sane American wrestling company would REALLY attempt a match of this spectacle inside an enclosed area, much less an indie promotion like ECW or CZW.

I’d say that the AEW die hards really expected too much from a company who hired Maki Itoh, a Tokyo Joshi Pro jobber, to be one of the main attractions in their women’s division and they paid dearly for it and no amount of hype around former NWA World’s Champion Christian Cage could make me watch AEW again because three episodes of Dynamite is what it took me to drop this company.

I just wished they went with the Onita-Chono version of this match type. The match had no explosions but Onita, Chono, and NJPW gave the fans their money’s worth and no expectations had to be met because this is New Japan and New Japan fans aren’t known for being fans of garbage deathmatches.

Teacher Anne Returns in Podcast Form: If you’ve read the latest edition of my MNL48 iSchool review, you noticed that the last line on the review is a plug for Late Night Talks with Anne.

As MNL48 fans and MNLoves know, she already left HalloHallo Entertainment for almost a year now and this tweet started what became known as the podcast with Anne and Zeph.

The podcast is being streamed live on Facebook, which is something different from the conventional podcasts and they encourage audience participation, much like how Jim Cornette and Brian Last answer questions from fans but instead of sending questions via email, people comment on to the livestream and thus, you get your answers in real time.

Two episodes have been released so far and I would say that this is the only Filipino podcast I’ve listened to that I liked, well being an MNL48 fan there bounds to be a bias on this. The podcast isn’t just like Something to Wrestle or The Jim Cornette Experience because they also give sound advice as to what to do with all the stuff life offers you with some quotes being thrown on the side.

I’d recommend this one to all MNL48 fans, MNLoves, and people who wanted to know what goes inside HHE.

More Photos Uploaded on the Photos Page: I decided to upload some photos from last Sunday’s Tagaytay trip. You can view it here or you can visit my Instagram page at johncarlorayas.

Well, I guess that’s it. See you next time.

One thought on “Of Late Night Talks and Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatches aka Site News.

  1. I’ve not watched Zaido personally but the wikipedia article that I’ve read about the show gave it a bad review (alongside other reviews from other reputable outfits) or something like that. I’m gonna be on a look out for your review in the future about the whole Zaido thing.


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