Stuck On You: The Review

Stuck On You is BABY BLUE’s third single that was just released three days ago as a follow-up to their diss track Negastar and no, I won’t be making any jokes about the N-word unless I want to Derek Chauvin myself.

As I’m writing this review, I am in the middle of the MNLove fatigue wherein I already got tired to doing anything MNL48 related because a subset of fans just can’t keep making life hard for the rest of the fandom but anyway, enough about me ranting about how I am sick and tired of the fanbase and I disassociate myself with them, let’s get on with the review.

Looks like this time, they dropped the pretense of being a city pop troupe because they went full RnB with this song (it’s as if they were a RnB group since STS but hey ho) and would you look at that, there’s actual bars being thrown unlike Negastar. The song, for some reason, begins with a thud, and I mean a literal thud and then goes into the song proper. Was that something intentionally left off during the recording because the thud really is out of place compared to the rest of the song.

Speaking of the rest of the song, it’s your typical late 2010s love song, synth heavy pop with lyrics that will make you laugh a little bit and cringe a little if you’re not into the genre because the words, if you take it literally, seems like we’re dealing with romance induced epilepsy or symptoms of withdrawal from love drunkenness. Hey, at least the chorus is catchy, that’s a positive.

Just like Sweet Talking Sugar, I find Stuck On You not that special in my opinion because it’s one of those dime-a-dozen songs that talk about love and how one feels powerless about it coupled with a soundtrack that came straight right out of an Ariana Grande song.

Since I’m on the MNLove fatigue, I might be skipping the iSchool reviews until next week and I might focus on something else like, I don’t know, video games or wrestling or anime? Let’s find out and I hope my future self either goes through with those things or delete this whole website altogether just like one commenter said.

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