Wayback Wednesday: The LoveLive! Question

I decided to post something here while I am still researching my next blog entry and since I don’t feel like watching MNL48 iSchool right now so here it is…

Don’t mind the link at the bottom, ask questions!

I decided to remake one of the internet ad mock-ups I made back in college when we were asked to create a website as a project for a web design class.

Next time, we’ll be talking about Dairy Moe…was it?

I don’t know about you but I kinda liked the charm of early-mid 2000s internet ads and I really wanted to make our site different so I made mock-ups of ads that you see every day when you surf the web.

I also kind of took a piss on LoveLive! fans in our class because at the time, there was a subsection of LoveLivers in our batch that I decided to reference said section of our class just for fun and so I made this.

As you noticed by now, this was inspired by those “Has science gone too far?” ads with a little spin on it. I also botched the original ad by getting low-quality versions of Honoka Kousaka and the LoveLive! logo so I decided to remake said ad as seen here.

The original version of said mock-up ad. Notice the botched stroke on the Japanese version of the LL! SIP logo.

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