Polar Dragon Balls: A Review and An Update

Polar Dragon Balls? What the hell are you talking about?

What does the duo of Ashley and Faith have anything to do with Dragon Ball? Nothing. I just like to put two things into one page because I am lazy.

First off, a review. A review of Polar’s debut single, “Farther”.

Got to take that first step…

Let me start with some introductions. If you don’t know who these people are, Ashley “Cloud” Garcia and Faith Shanrae Santiago are idol fans who became part of this group called MNL48 and then went on their own path by creating two groups: Day Night Explorers (with the Duran Twins) and Polar (stylized as polar).

With that said, “Farther” is the duo’s first single and is produced by the duo of Nezumigi and Masayoshi Okawa, a composer and music editor for Ghibli movies according to his IMDB profile.

The song starts with an acoustic guitar which gave me shades of Sleeping Fish by WANDS but unlike that song, Farther is a more positive affair with taking a step forward and leaving all your worries behind. With those lyrics and the backing track provided by the duo, Nezumigi and Okawa, it can really give you hope into these trying times.

Have I also told you that it sounds like something that you’d hear as an ending song from a 2010s anime show?

Overall, I’d say that this song is something that I would call a “contemporary easy listening” song because it really is easy to listen to this song and it is memorable to say the least. Give it a listen and I hope you’d be a fan of Polar as I am after listening to this song.

…to a mystical adventure.

Now onto the Dragon Ball part of this blog post.

Remember when I made a major update on my old Dragon Ball VHS post? FumeiCom has just obtained not just the video tape from an online seller and not only that, there also exists a VCD copy of it.

Some things got cleared up with the discovery of this video tape:
1. Creative Productions also handled this dub.

2. It was a compilation of Dragon Ball movies 2 and 3: Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle and Mystical Adventure.

3. Regal Home Video is just a distributor in this one, so my bad if I mistook it as if Mother Lily herself had her underlings dub those two movies with Toei and Shueisha’s blessing.

I was elated to see that a piece of my childhood that I thought that was lost in the Bermuda Triangle we call the past to be found and prove that I am not making things up, much to my surprise.

Special thanks not only to FumeiCom, but to ZeBenko and Nessie, who is currently working hard on getting the audio out of this tape transferred into HD remastered footage, and to all the Dragon Ball fandom who inspired me to take note of the various dubs the series had over the years. Now I hope we can find that elusive Animax Asia dub where everybody is using the first name last name basis.

..and now, to leave the most memorable quote from that Animax Asia dub I just mentioned:

My name’s Goku. Goku Son.

Goku Son, father to Gohan and Goten Son.

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