What The Hell Am I Watching? A View Of My YouTube History

Sorry for the lack of content on the website, I was busy getting back into game programming that after work, I would go straight ahead and do some coding but this time, I’ll make it up to you people of the internet because I will be posting not one, but two blog posts here.

I’ve been having fun with YouTube recently ever since Mister Metokur came back for a one-time livestream ever since he quit the internet for the third time because of cancer. Also I have been toying with this idea for a long time now so here it is……

The YouTube Safe For Work Compass

As you can see, I categorized the channels that either I frequent on YouTube, occasionally watch on YouTube, or even the ones that I only know of by name (and by way of clipping channels when it comes to streamers and Vtubers) by two categories: safe and not safe for work.

Now you may ask, why did you categorize them as such? Here’s my answer, that’s the simplest way I can think of without going through the work of checking analytics and such because channels can have huge numbers and still cater only to a specific demographic.

With the NSFW category, I subdivided it into three types:

>Based and Redpilled: Channels that really don’t kowtow to the “diversity” culture the world is into and thus get either demonetized or worse, deleted. Most of the channels in this category fall into the “internet bloodsports” genre or lean into “right wing” sensibilities.

>Weird Part of YouTube: Not necessarily based, not also “lewd”, the contents in these channels are from what you would call “oddball territory”. They focus on the weird stuff, thus weird part of YouTube.

>YouTube After Dark: This is where the adult stuff comes in, and by adult I mean stuff that you learn in your Biology class like meatsticks and coochies.

If you’ll notice, there are channels on the graph that have more than two designations and some have none. Those that have no color designations are classified as NSFW as other factors are also considered like the minimal use of totally NSFW content (cases in point: Oddity Archive, Kim Justice, Team FourStar, and others) and strong language (Usada Pekora, Inugami Korone).

I didn’t include brand channels like WWE, SNL, MNL48, AEW and so on. Brand channels are in their own different world compared to regular YouTube channels. Same goes with podcasts so no Jim Cornette, no Matt Walsh, and no anything from Conrad Thompson.

Also for the record, no. I don’t watch Cocomelon. I only used it as an example.

If you want to know who some of these YouTubers are, please let me know.

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