YouTuber Spotlight 1.0: You Can (Not) Abort The Sweetie Squad With Love and Joy

Yes, it’s another YouTuber article but this time, it’s a spotlight on the people behind the Safe For Work compass I’ve posted weeks ago. This may also not be a continuing thing since there are a lot of YouTubers to cover here.

So for now, here are the three people I’ve decided to give a spotlight on:

  1. Mister Metokur/Internet Aristocrat/Jim81Jim
  2. June Lovejoy
  3. GATORTIME/TheGatorGamer

Mister Metokur: The Internet Aristocrat

To steal a quote from WikiTubia, “Jim, better known online as Mister Metokur (formerly known as Internet Aristocrat or Jim81Jim), is a YouTuber that produces content criticizing and mocking individuals on the internet who do controversial actions.” He’s also known to be a major player in the late 2010s YouTube fad called “Internet Bloodsports” and also a contributor in that movement named “Gamergate” that absolutely went nowhere.

It may also not look like it but he’s one of the oldest YouTubers on the list together with the AVGN and UrinatingTree. He has chronicled internet insanity throughout the years under three usernames.

As Jim81Jim, he has chronicled the rise and fall of an internet reviewer by the name of Spax3, and getting into verbal spats with Juggalos (aka ICP’s fanbase). Not much is known about this era of Jim (as he is called by his fans) and his internet career. You can go to Encyclopedia Dramatica if you want to but knowing how ED operates, take the info with a grain of salt.

His second and most popular alias, Internet Aristocrat, came into prominence during the events of Gamergate wherein he became a large part of the pro-Gamergate movement and where he will meet his future arch nemesis Carl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Akkad.

This is where Jim’s content would evolve from just making fun of weirdos on the internet to delving into politics, specifically the never-ending saga of the left-wing social justice warriors versus the equally stupid alt-right.

After disavowing the movement when it became too loony for its own good, he created his third and current persona, Mister Metokur. This is where he became notorious on the internet for pissing off a lot of people from furries, to the internet skeptics, to the Europeans as internet bloodsports became popular on YouTube.

This is also his second most popular persona after his videos on Kraut and Tea’s doxing Discord server and Matt Jarbo’s false flagging incident blew up. Say it’s a mix of Jim81Jim and Internet Aristocrat if you will.

He is also responsible for the death of internet bloodsports as he hosted the penultimate six-hour dumpster fire (not because of him per se but because of the participants involved) called “The IBS Apocalypse Stream”. Listen to this at your own risk.

Throughout his three personas, Jim is known for having mercy for no one. Everyone is subject to his ridicule, and by everyone that even includes those who give him the utmost respect like Ethan Ralph of the Killstream.

Jim is also the poster boy of internet anonymity, as you can see with his channel thumbnail and his unwillingness to form friendships on the internet as he wanted to keep his internet persona and his personal life separate because in the bloodsports community, doxxing is a pretty normal occurrence.

The only nitpick that fans have with Jim is with him not keeping his promises when it comes to releasing videos but one thing’s for sure, whenever Jim releases a new video or does a live stream, to quote SpookyWeebTrash, it’s like the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Sadly, none of his videos are on his channel anymore as he nuked his channel when someone (either Sargon, the furries, the Black Isarelites, or any of his numerous enemies) tried to report one of his videos but you can still watch his videos and live stream VODs as his fans preserved them and uploaded it to YouTube themselves.

Jim’s links are at the top of this section so if you want to buy Metokur merch, click on his Teespring link here.

Made With Love (and) Joy

“June Lovejoy is an American born and raised JAV actress living and working in Japan. She loves all things erotic and lewd. Please feel free to join her on her many ero-adventures.”

-Her words, not mine.

Aside from being an American AV idol currently based in Japan, she is also uploads videos and streams on YouTube on her free time. Despite her speech impediment, she has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard in the history of YouTube (next to Metokur and Brad “The Cinema Snob” Jones).

With her current five-year stint in Japan, she is fluent in both English and Japanese. Her series on interviewing people in the AV industry is one of the most popular videos on her YouTube channel but her live streams are garnering a lot of viewers as well from Japan to other parts of the world.

Aside from her voice, one thing that gravitated me to her YouTube channel is her backstory. I won’t get much into details here but she is the embodiment of the “if anybody can do it, so can you” attitude as she moved to Japan on her own, without any relatives there whatsoever, and she was able to co-mingle with the Japanese just fine.

Outside of her JAV work, she is also known to be a huge fan of Lupin III, Pokemon, and One Piece. I can’t say much of her YouTuber life without going into JAV territory as that’s most of her content but if you ever do so get a glimpse of her channel, go watch a live stream or two.

Gator: The Anime Boomer

One third of the infamous Killstream Krew, The Gator Gamer (or Gator for short) is what I would call, the resident weeaboo on the popular internet bloodsports show/shock jock talk show on the internet. Aside from being the co-host of the Killstream ever since Zidan (another co-host) left, he is also branching out with his own shows: GATORTIME and The Anime Boomer Podcast.

If Metokur is the embodiment of /pol/, Gator would be the embodiment of /a/ as he openly claims that he is a weeb (June Lovejoy hates the word “weeb” as it prevents people from trying any Japanese stuff out of embarrassment, Jim laughs at weebs on the internet for… being weebs) and it shows in his content. Someone who has a Jotaro Kujo profile pic on his socials is 100% a weeb.

With his association with Ethan Ralph and the Killstream, he is also prone to controversy albeit not as big of a target (both literally and figuratively) as Ralph. The main problem that Gator’s detractors have with him is that he is trying too hard to be like Metokur.

Maybe it manifests on the Killstream because it focuses on politics and YouTube dramatics but I really don’t see that in his own content in my opinion because Jim’s M.O. is “laughing at loons at the internet”, Gator’s M.O. is more like “I watch anime and I have right wing views” which is something Metokur mentions sparingly during his third exit from YouTube and not an integral part of Jim’s internet personality.

You can get the Anime Boomer podcast here and you can catch his live streams outside of the Killstream on DLive. He also has a website but he hasn’t updated that thing since 2019. He also has a Teespring account wherein you can buy Gator merch.

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