The 18-Hour Livestream Extravaganza

Livestreaming is online streaming media simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real-time. It has become one of the most consumed types of media all over the internet. A livestream can go as short as 30 minutes or as long as 25 hours (see Nick Rekieta’s 25-hour livestream on YouTube) and today, we’re going to review something that has never been reviewed before (at least on YouTube): livestream VODs.

If you’ll notice by now, the cast from YouTuber Spotlight 1.0 returns (technically since Gator is part of the Killstream Krew) and we’ll be looking at three six-hour livestreams. Why dig on the well again you ask, because I’m not on the level where I can understand a six-hour Usada Pekora stream or an Inugami Korone endurance stream yet.

The End of Internet Bloodsports as We Know It (And Nobody Felt Fine Thereafter)

The most infamous of all streams done by the legendary Jim81Jim/Mister Metokur. It’s basically a free-for-all slugfest between people within the IBS scene from Killstream’s Ethan Ralph to the fake wrestler Tonkasaw to the whole cast of Backyard Bloodsports (now Backyard Radio) and Zoom.

It’s okay if you don’t know any of these people because at the end of this stream, you’ll want to go on a bleach diet because as much as watching internet nobodies scream at each other for hours and hours on end can be fun, six hours and thirty-three minutes ain’t it buddy.

What lead to this stream?

“TL;DR – Joachim Hoch VS BYBS VS Kumite, discord drama escalating, doxxing campaigns and counter doxxing, People associating and platforming doxxers, whiteknighting, character defamation, lies and actual hackers. Pretty much the Kraut Discord Server Drama 2.0 just internally in IBS.”

-some anon on /mlpol/ when this was happening live back in 2018

As I’ve said earlier, the lore behind this isn’t really much a need-to-know thing but having an understanding who these people are just enhances the “level of enjoyment” you will have with the sideshow you see here.

By the end of the stream, even Metokur noticed the mistake that he did of hosting a platform for these people to air dirty laundry all over YouTube without any moderation whatsoever which led to a giant shouting match for at least four to five hours.

At the end, nobody survived said apocalypse because after that, Tonkasaw will be exposed as a fraud by Ralph and Warski (see Knoxville, TN), BYBS/BYR will be nothing more than a memory, Warski and Failure will have a downfall on their own (see STAY BACK), Jim’s cancer AIDS gets worse, and Ralph would be the victim of an ongoing downward spiral (more on Ralph later).

I would rate The IBS Apocalypse Stream a dumpster fire/10.

The Healstream: A Lesson On Good Things Turning Bad

From one IBS figurehead to another, Ethan Ralph is the second one to host a six-hour stream but this time, it’s to donate superchat money to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital to help in cancer research.

Ralph’s intentions are good, don’t get me wrong but I think where it falls apart was on the execution. The Wall Street Journal wouldn’t be hounding St. Jude’s if it weren’t for the content of this very stream here. See, the WSJ won’t even care about this if it weren’t for the whole debate about the holocaust and the fact that the Killstream is host for alt-right/IBS content.

Sure, it’s not as “wholesome” as the third stream we’re going to tackle here but it’s not as big as a dumpster fire as Jim’s “The End of IBS” stream wherein when we say anything goes, we mean anything goes.

I think the whole WSJ thing isn’t the only thing that would make this memorable because this stream is what I would like to call “the irony of Ethan Ralph” because on this very stream, we can see that he’s being friendly with Joshua Conner Moon of KiwiFarms. Something that we can’t say in 2021.

Aside from all of that stuff, this is one of the best Killstream episodes I’ve ever listened to (next to Moon Man Jarbo). It has all the elements that makes the Killstream the most controversial late night show on YouTube (prior to this episode, because after the WSJ debacle, Ralph gets kicked out of YouTube).

I would rate The Healstream a 7/10.

Golden Week Requiem

From Hell, to Earth, and now finally to Heaven.

By all means, June Lovejoy’s streams aren’t that wholesome in every sense of the word but compared to Jim’s cacophony of internet spergery and Ralph’s brush with anti-semitism, I would say sex talk is the “most wholesome” one there is here.

Also, out of the three, this is the one that would require you to watch the video as majority of the stream is basically June playing Pokemon for a few minutes (basically to catch a lot of Chanseys for a giveaway promo) and the rest is Monster Hunter gameplay.

Props to June as well for having variety on the six-hour stream because on the first part of the stream, she cooked vegan waffles. I don’t know anybody on the internet (either on Twitch, YouTube, Odysee, or even Dlive) who cooked food on a livestream (which reminds me, Ordinary Sausage did a livestream about cooking MRE sausages but he’s a food channel so that doesn’t count.)

All in all, this is the comfiest stream out of the three because it’s just June and pals having fun with vegan waffles and Monster Hunter (and Pokemon).

Word of warning, if your resistance to alluring voices is weak, you won’t be able to sleep.

I would rate The Golden Week Stream a comfy 9/10.

I admit I am having fun with YouTuber related reviews but I’ll have enough of YouTuber related content reviews for the time being. It’s really kinda taxing with my brain seeing that I’m not having any variety with the content I am watching.

The next post will be a HalloHallo Cafe review and I might have to review some video games or some anime here and then.

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