YouTuber Spotlight 3.0: The (Twisted) World of Internet Bloodsports – A Fad That Spawned Out of Gamergate

Instead of the [intellectual] debate between two opposing forces who bore you to sleep and act like the living version of Ambien, internet bloodsports instead seeks to entertain you. It is the Jerry Springer of YouTube content… It’s popcorn entertainment.

Our good ol’ friend Jim81Jim

For those who don’t know what internet bloodsports is, it’s basically internet Jerry Springer wherein all proper decorum in a debate is thrown out of the window and shouting matches are a common occurrence.

With all the people involved in this YouTube fad from “famous” personalities like Carl Benjamin and Richard Spencer to some randos on the internet, it’s kind of surprising that it never got as big as another fad that was going on at the time (Virtual YouTubers, which will get its own episode) probably because it’s more associated with the “alt-right” more than anything else and that Google doesn’t want anything right of Joseph Stalin to gain massive traction.

Just a point of reference: Metokur is a giant part of IBS but I will not mention him here because I already gave a detailed section on the 1.0 post. Same goes with Gator but he doesn’t play a large role here.

I. IBS Lore II. Ethan Ralph III. Warski, Tonka, and Baked Alaska IV. The Outsiders V. Sargon and Pals

Act I. The End of Krautgelion (or Some Backstory)

The term internet bloodsports started during the implosion of Kraut (formerly Kraut and Tea)’s Discord server. Let me drop some internet lore here, Kraut is one of those YouTube Skeptics who decided to drive a UKIP staffer named RageAfterStorm out of the internet.

What are YouTube Skeptics you ask? To steal a line from KiwiFarms, they “are made up of wannabe philosophers who pose as intellectuals on Youtube.”

Basing on what I’ve seen from the likes of Sargon of Akkad, they’re basically these fence-sitters who don’t support either the extreme left or the extreme right thinking that they’re better than everybody else, meanwhile being the most biased and the most tribalistic of all of the YouTuber groups, much more tribalistic than your average BreadTuber. Oh and by the way, as much as they advocate being in the middle ground, they’re okay with using underhanded tactics to crush their opposition.

The tweet that started it all

As for Kraut, after he drove RageAfterStorm out of the internet forever, he got called out by not only his own fans but also with some of his fellow YouTube skeptics for what is tantamount to censoring someone on the internet, something these skeptics “disavow”.

So then he decided to fight fire with diarrhea by creating a Discord server to initially congregate all like-minded skeptics to gather information and discredit their alt-right leaning counterparts.

Well, this blew up in Kraut’s own face when he forgot security 101 and the alt right decided to send in a spy of their own to infiltrate the server, leading to a lot of bullshit between the skeptic community.

Metokur, being the “Mr. Laugh at Retards On the Internet” guy that he is, decided to tweet a screenshot of The Morning Kumite, a show hosted by internet tough guy and “MMA champion” Tonkasaw, with the caption “INTERNET BLOODSPORTS”.

The first known recorded instance of IBS though involved Nazi sympathizer Richard Spencer, UKIP doombringer Sargon of Akkad, and current Killstream co-host Andy Warski.

Now I got the cliffnotes version of the lore out of the way, let’s get into the people involved in this fad.

Act II. The Owner and Editor-in-Chief of

The current king of IBS, Ethan Oliver Ralph is head honcho of the infamous Killstream Krew together with Gator (see 1.0), Randbot, Andy Warski (who has his own chapter), and Hollywood Bibble.

Like most of the people on this episode, Ralph has his roots on Gamergate with his site (hence, the title of this act) and when he decided that writing stuff about SJWs and their side of internet stupidity for his website is boring him, he decided to give birth to the podcast currently known as The Killstream, a show that, in Ralph’s own words, is a blend of Internet Insanity, Politics, Drama, and Popular Culture, with a guest list unlike any other show on any other medium.

Not much is known about the history of the Killstream (because netiher Ralph, nor KiwiFarms, nor /cow/ ever bothered to chronicle anything past 2018).

In its current form, however, the show gained notoriety on the internet being a haven of the worst of the alt-right and neo-nazis (as reported by mainstream news outlets and no thanks to the whole debate on the Holocaust on the episode designed to donate money for sick children).

Killstream’s most famous moment.
TRR circa 2021

It also became the de-facto show for internet bloodsports after the event that is known as “The IBS Apocalypse Stream” (and some Warski-Tonka drama but we’ll get to that) as it’s the only one that hosts bloodsports-type debates after 2018.

Over the years, Ralph and the Killstream garnered popularity among its circle of like-minded individuals and over time, it also became a hotbed of some of the more obscure internet moments (aka stuff that doesn’t penetrate through normie Twitter) like how Matt Jarbo (aka Mundanematt) was exposed to be a massive abuser of the YouTube reporting system, the build-up to the supposed MMA match between a (former) coke head and a wheelchair-bound pro-wrestler, and many more.

What can also be seen, if you have been listening to the Killstream for years or have seen my review of The Healstream, is that Ralph says one thing and does another, an observation that I’ve seen since the whole Faith Vickers drama blew up some time last year.

Ethan Ralph can say one thing about being made fun of at the internet (as seen on this clip from The Healstream here) and do the exact opposite of it (with the way he is currently acting on Twitter and on his own damn show whenever someone makes fun of him). Yes, there is such a thing as limitations, but being a public figure, you must be ready with things of this nature, especially if you brought it upon yourself.

You should have a thick skin when it comes to these types of attacks, something Ethan Ralph has preached to both Sargon of Akkad and his capo, Matthew David Jarbo but can’t seem to apply to himself because in his current state of mind, he’s above this type of bullshit, that even those who only tried to provide context as to what is going on, is seen as a “alawg” or a Kiwi Farms member in his eyes.

This leads to his current internet war with Kiwi Farms and its owner, Joshua Conner Moon, and after that, every other person who decides to give him criticism, constructive or otherwise, is now considered a Kiwi Farms member.

Don’t let internet fame get over your head like Ralph here because at the end of the day, internet fame is nothing if your life is in shambles.

Act III. Andy (Race)Warski, DONGA WRESTLE WRESTLE, and some pastry dish from Alaska.

From the current “king of IBS”, let’s go back to the past. Long before the event that was “The IBS Apocalypse”, there were actually three people who would you call kings of IBS. Their names are Andy Warski, Tonkasaw, and Tim “Baked Alaska” Gionet.

Warski’s Reddit profile. Those videos are now private.
Baked’s BuzzFeed profile. Interesting that they still keep this
What do both Seagal and Tonka have in common?

Time for a little backstory here shall we? Andy and Baked’s initial career trajectories are different from what we eventually got: Andy got his start into making movies in YouTube a la Channel Awesome and Red Letter Media whilst Baked got his start being a tour manager for Warner Bros. Records then became a contributor for BuzzFeed, something that would make you think if you’re a conservative.

Both Warski and Gionet got into the world of IBS when they started to lean more into right wing politics with Andy creating videos bashing social justice warriors (SJWs) and the tumblr left in general while Baked being an ardent yet obnoxious supporter of Donald J. Trump during the 2016 US presidential elections.

They then decided to shift their focus into hosting live spergouts. I can’t call these debates here because debates have rules, spergouts don’t. While Andy and Baked are starting out with their IBS careers, Tonka is already planning his entry into IBS with his show Cult of Catcus, which became the Morning Kumite, a channel that’s different from his GrappleVision one.

How are these three people connected you ask? It’s a long story but to make it brief, Tonka and Warski became friends through another IBS YouTuber named Failure Accomplished, while Baked Alaska has beef with Warski because Baked did a 180 and basically called his fans toxic and thus Andy criticized Gionet for it. The rebuttal? Just Baked doxing Andy Warski’s family members and flagging every account that led to Gionet’s humiliating downfall with the IBS crowd.

One thing led to another and now we got ourselves into where we are right now: Warski vs Tonka. At this point, Baked Alaska was in his SJW phase because he was trying to impress some girl in California so he doesn’t play a role on this one.

This all happened after Andy fired J.F. Gariepy as his co-host and then Tonka and Failure swooped in to save the day, or is it? During this time, there were accusations of child grooming that was thrown at Warski, and instead of standing in defense of his partner, Tonkasaw decided to add fuel to the fire by claiming that the accusations to be real although in reality, those screenshots were doctored.

The poster for the supposed fight.
The “fight”. Clip courtesy of Dame Pesos

With that said, Andy questioned Tonka’s motives and then a challenge to a real life fight ensues, which Andy accepted.

Days leading to the fight, as Warski was training for the expected ass whooping that he will either give or receive on January 19th, Tonka, being the internet tough guy that he is, changed his legal name, gave someone else’s bloodwork, and just dodged the fight in general leading to him not showing up at Valor Fighting Championship 54 in Knoxville, TN.

Believe you me, there’s a lot of hype on the fight but the turnout was underwhelming considering that Tonka decided to bail out of the fight but hey, at least Andy, Ralph, Gator, and Dick Masterson milked the shit out of it and we got something.

This move by Tonkasaw dealt great damage to VFC’s earnings that if you look at it on Sherdog’s event database, VFC decided to take it out of the card. Then Andy Warski decided to throw it all away with a self defense claim gone wrong in Miami that can be best described in two words: STAY. BACK. Now Andy Warski lives in the US of A now and is now part of the Killstream Kliq.

With all the Andy and Tonka drama out of the way, what happened to Baked?

Baked Alaska got thrown out by Paul “Ice Poseidon” Denino’s cool kids club after the latter discovered his alt-right past, so what does he do? He reverts back to being the alt-righter that he is, participated in the January 6th riots and is now in prison not because of what he did on the riots, but because he sprayed mace a police officer in Scottsdale, AZ.

With what we can see from these three here, we can learn that if left unchecked, your ego and your negative traits can lead to your downfall in a career that involves your reputation. Tonka ruined his by challenging everybody into IRL fights and then when shit hits the fan, he bails out. Baked ruined his by being the clout-chasing famewhore that he is that he is now serving time in prison by doing an Ethan Ralph (aka having a fight with law enforcement). Andy, for the lack of a better word, is easily impressionable based on his relationships with Tonka and Ralph and thus can be manipulated at will just like what Tonka did and, if it ever crosses his mind, Ralph ever does so.

Act IV. People on The Outside Looking In

This section is dedicated to the people who are not directly involved in IBS but are either in close relationship with those who do with the likes of Dame Pesos, Dick Masterson, and the like.

Little information is known about Dame Pesos except that he resides in Chile, and he has a history with Sargon capo Matt Jarbo as the man known as “mundanematt” has flagged Dame’s videos of criticizing mundanematt. This was all exposed on the Killstream when Ralph invited Matt to defend his side of things, only to fail in doing so.

He then was elevated to Guntguard status when he became a frequent guest on the Killstream and once defended Ralph for dating Faith Vickers until the Memphis Mauler decided to commit a felony, thus turning his back on Ethan, opening his eyes to the train wreck his friend’s life is all about.

After that incident, he moved from observing and making fun of the IBS crowd to antagonizing The Young Turks, and after that, he went radio silent on the internet. Rumor and innuendo on KiwiFarms is that Ethan Ralph has Dame’s dox and he threatened our based Chilean into releasing said dox if he didn’t shut up. Talk about being above internet insults.

An episode of The Soyless Matt Show

Another person of interest here is Corey Barnhill, aka Internet GodSpeed fka Zoom. He was once a part of a show called Backyard Radio (fka Backyard Bloodsports) with Joachim Hoch. Said Joachim then sent a doxing request to Zoom for every minor who watches IBS (what?!) and then ditches the show thereafter.

Zoom then tries to take down IBS to hell with him for this act of betrayal, thus leading to Metokur’s IBS Apocalypse Stream.  Not much is known about Zoom afterwards except that he got doxed by our boy, Ethan Oliver Ralph because Ralph hates Zoom.

Dick Masterson, like Dame Pesos, is not totally involved in IBS but due to his association with the Killstream Krew, he is being lumped in with the likes of them.

Basing from what I’ve seen from clips of his show, it’s a mix of The Joe Rogan Experience’s podcast format with the Killstream’s content.

He is also infamous for his appearances on Dr. Phil’s show wherein he trolled a bunch of women by pretending for being an ultra-chauvinist on live television.

Last but not the least, is Steven Bonnell II, better known as Destiny. As far as politics within IBS goes, the genre is dominated by people in the alt-right side of things and only two people from other sides of the spectrum so far have participated in IBS (people from the Skepticsphere don’t count) and one of them is Destiny.

While Ralph and the rest of the people on this field of YouTube are leaning more into extreme right-wing politics, Destiny is more of a libertarian than a liberal like Vaush. While he is championing immigration and social justice, he is also believing in capitalism. You can read all about his political stances here.

Act V. Don Carl Sargoni, and his capos

It’s time to give the skeptics their time in the sun, because we’ve already talked about the alt-right side of this phenomenon. Going back to the first act of this spotlight, you can see where Kraut lies when it comes to politics, and like every YouTube skeptic who didn’t join the alt-right bandwagon, Kraut has his views lean more into non-extreme libertarianism and it’s all thanks to Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad.

If you want to learn more about Carl of Swindon, Porsalin made a great documentary about him.
Veeh’s et tu Brute moment.

For those who are living under a rock, Sargon is one of the people who spearheaded the Gamergate movement together with Metokur, Matt Jarbo, Ethan Ralph, and others and when you’re a giant talking head for the pro-GG movement, you’ll get a lot of followers. One of those followers is a Romanian medical student named Veeh Monro.

Veeh is what you can consider Sargon’s second-in-command and just like Sargon, he got his first start with Gamergate creating anti-SJW videos. Unlike his best friend though, Veeh is not that much known with the IBS crowd other than Sargon’s pet gerbil. This next person though, has etched out his own niche within the sphere.

Yes, I am talking about Matt Jarbo.

Matt Jarbo, or more known as mundanematt, is one of the more popularly known Sargon capos probably because of his self-induced career suicide on the Killstream as he was exposed as a massive falseflagger. Content-wise, Matt is not entirely focused on internet bloodsports as he has multiple channels dedicated to films, DVD bargain bins, and even some anti-SJW content.

Of course, he’s also one of those who came from Gamergate to IBS so expect anti-SJW content too. Most of the criticism that was levied onto Matt that he is keeping this mundane, middle-of-the-road character on his videos but can keep up with the IBS crowd’s banter when forced to.

In short, mundanematt is not Matt Jarbo and it shows, so much so that the IBS crowd disavow him for being a total hypocrite.

See Matt Jarbo being his true self here on YouTube. It’s age restricted so you can click on it instead.

Lastly, we have David Sherratt (or Shitrat as the Metokur calls him). Sherratt is an advocate of Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) as websites like Wales Online would like to say, however if Kiwi Farms and Metokur are to be believed, David isn’t the MGTOW activist he claims to be with his encounters with Lauren Southern and some random American girl.

Another interesting thing about Sherratt is that he ran a Twitter parody account of Sargon…while being friends with Sargon himself. Kinda quite ironic if you asked me since it feels like you’re stabbing your friend at the back because he has a higher sub count than you on YouTube.

As of 2021, if you look at his Kiwi Farms thread, it seems that a lot of the communities David has tried to be with have rejected him from the Skeptics, to MGTOW, to even BreadTube (at one point, he was simping for ContraPoints). I could say that he is the most irrelevant out of Sargon’s capos because nobody talks about him outside of Kiwi Farms.

Finally finished this ordeal of a trackback to IBS. It’s one of those YouTube fads that came and went not with a bang, but with a whimper and for one, I am quite sad that I joined to the party a bit too late but at the same time, the death of IBS is inevitable with Google being trigger happy with censorship and appeasing to advertising money.

Next time, we will take a look at another trend that came out at the same time as Internet Bloodsports but has managed to live longer and be a global phenomenon, virtual youtubers.

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