On Cosplay Carnival 2022….

Cosplay Carnival 2022 signals the return of large-scale cosplay conventions in the Philippines and although not the first convention in two years, OtaCute has beat them to it, this is the first time that a non-hybrid large-scale cosplay convention ever happened in the Philippines since what? Cosplay Matsuri 2019? Probably.

Upon first glance, it’s good to have the pre-pandemic cosplay convention feeling back into the SMX Convention Center and it’s good to see new and familiar faces again.

It’s also good to see that the vibe of a large scale cosplay convention is still alive. It’s obvious that weebs and cosplayers really missed having a large scale cosplay convention and it shows.

With the good out of the way, let’s talk about what needs to be improved.

Let’s get to the elephant in the room, the line situation during the first day was a disaster for some that Cosplay.PH was forced to give out refunds to ticket holders. Good thing they remedied the line problem on the next day by limiting entry to only ticket holders.

The lack of merchandisers is also a big thing for some because that would mean a decrease of revenue from people who are willing to buy merchandise.

What would this mean for cosplay convention organizers? It would mean one thing in my opinion: better planning. Unless you’re like OtaCute who has a place they can call their own inside Youniversity Suites, organizers such as Cosplay.PH, Ambox, and Otaku Expo really have to estimate how much people are attending the convention and talk this through with the people owning the buildings the events are being held in.

A panoramic view of SMX Convention Center

The building owners should also have a talk with the local government unit as well to check and see what the LGU can and cannot allow in events like this. They should also coordinate more with the event organizers and set limits on how many people they can let in.

All in all, this will just be a short post and somehow, the good outweighed the bad in this edition of Cosplay Carnival and I hope and pray that this year’s Cosplay Mania will be a bigger experience. Same goes with Otaku Expo’s Tanbata Festival this coming August since this will be their first event in two years.

Also, I wanted to share this mini-movie that I made.

2 thoughts on “On Cosplay Carnival 2022….

  1. Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to go to Greenhills after reading this post to get my fix of adventure and looking at figures and hobby shops. Actually, I will got there tomorrow since I’m near that place as of this moment. Maybe we can go to the next anime convention next time, eh?

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