ToyCon 2022: Three Years In The Making

The entrance to ToyCon 2022

ToyCon 2022 is the first live ToyCon after two years of the Coronavirus pandemic and it shows with the bells and whistles they had to put in it to attract audiences. This is also the first ToyCon I attended since ToyCon 2019.

Like previous ToyCons, it was situated at SM Megamall’s Megatrade Halls and it was filled with a lot of stalls from toy stores like Maxicollector to small businesses to sponsors like Smart Communications.

A new addition to the family was Lazada and it sure helped a lot of toy collectors during the pandemic because they became the go to online shopping platform for toy sellers and toy collectors alike.

The same ol’ Toycon faces are still here like Mars Ravelo’s estate and indie comic artists but another new face in the place is our good ol’ friends at Telesuccess riding the Voltes V Legacy horse. We will get back to them soon.

Of course, what would be a convention inside SM Megatrade Hall without cosplay? Well ToyCon isn’t that well known for cosplay per se but it has also been a home to people who wanted to do cosplays of franchises that are outside of what the core audience of Cosplay Mania and Ozine Fest knew like Star Wars or Batman,

One of the main attractions is the Voltes V Legacy cast and director Mark Reyes spilling in some deets about the said project (and that is why Telesuccess has it’s own booth) and that is all I can say for now as most of the details are top secret but here’s a photo of the cast (sans Kenichi Go/Steve Armstrong/Miguel Tanfelix).

The only thing I missed out is the local idol group scene because I had to rush home.

All in all, ToyCon 2022 is an experience three years in the making and it’s one hell of a ride. For those of you that are planning to attend said event, you can still go tomorrow since it’s a three-day event but for now, here are some photos.

Oh by the way, here’s another music vlog.

3 thoughts on “ToyCon 2022: Three Years In The Making

  1. Neat. When I get some extra cash I’ll attend one of those cons in the future. I’m pretty much stuck at home right now recuperating. Did you bring back any hauls from the event?

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