The Ys of Y Cafe

For those readers who are not from the Philippines, happy Thanksgiving! For those who are from this country, I hope you enjoy your vacation breaks (if you work for a US company) because I enjoyed my vacation leave by visiting one of the known anime-themed cafes in the Philippines: Y Cafe.

Located in a building between Leviste and H.V. Dela Rosa streets, Y Cafe may seem to be an ordinary cafe at first but once you go inside, you’ll be greeted with anime figurines left and right, and some anime posters here and there.

Once inside, you’ll see two sections and a meeting room. There’s also this road sign that points you to popular places in anime history such as Capsule Corp. and the Hidden Leaf Village, then if you look at the ceiling, there are manga panels of NIchijou.

Yes, manga panels of Nichijou.

You heard me right, they put in stills from the anime, made it black and white on Photoshop, and then put in some dialogue bubbles. It’s a unique concept if you observe your surroundings far enough but the effort might be a bit wasted because normal eaters might not bother to admire their surroundings for a bit.

Speaking of eaters, now onto the food.

This is not going to be a detailed review of their entrees so if you want to see more of what they offer, you can go to their Foodpanda page.

What I ordered though are two things: their buffalo wings and a dish they call “Beefy Sumo”.

What “Beefy Sumo” basically is, it’s somewhat of a take on beef bacon doused in a special sauce and then served with rice and mixed vegetables.

I tried the Beefy Sumo dish first and the beef is delicious but hard to cut. It could be with the nature of cow meat being hard to soften unlike pork or chicken but with thin slices of beef, I had a hard time cutting it with a spoon and fork. A knife would be recommended to eat this dish and the special sauce adds a bit to the taste of the dish.

The buffalo wings, on the other hand, are easier to cut and it took me four glasses of water to get the spiciness out of my mouth. The chicken wings are tender and juicy, and I just wish that there are plastic gloves that came with the wings so that people who are not comfortable with eating fried chicken with utensils would get the best experience.

Overall, Y Cafe is a niche cafe that delivers the atmosphere to its target audience once you’re inside the establishment. The food is good, and the service is great, but the ambiance is what sets this apart from other cafes in nearby Makati. So if you’re a weeaboo and you want to unwind and relax, Y Cafe might be the best spot for you.

Oh here’s Goku with a soccer ball in his hand.

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