Ozine Retro: A Throwback To…Ozine 2011

Ozine Fest 90’s Retro Anime Event, or as I would like to call it: Ozine Retro, is a two-day event held by Ozine Fest in place of their usual year-ender cosplay festivities and probably the first year-ender Ozine Fest that I attended since 2018, hell, this might be the first time I attended an Ozine event that’s not free of charge.

The reason why I mentioned that this event is more of a throwback to the very first cosplay event that I ever attended rather than a throwback to the 1990s Philippine anime scene because it represented what the scene was at the beginning of the 2010s: a mix of old and new cosplayers and anime alike, gathered in one place.

What am I saying here you might ask? What I’m saying is that there is no “dominant” fandom that encapsulates a certain event and maybe because of the 1990s theme (we’ll get back on that later) and that some people opted out of the event because the things that they enjoy were not part of the decade or the ones that came before it…

…on the other hand, the rules of the event aren’t restricted to just stuff from the 1990s so it’s still a free-for-all when it comes to what you want to cosplay as.

So come in the Genshin Impact cosplayers, the Anya Forger cosplayers, and there are even cosplayers from that Addams Family spin-off “Wednesday”.

See, this is what I kind of missed when it comes to cosplay conventions of today: variety. It’s nice to follow the trends but once in a while, let’s diversify the scene here. It’s what I have missed from cosplay conventions from 2018 onwards and I am glad that it’s back.

I’ll save the rants about the cosplay scene at the end of the year where we’ll be looking back at the scene now that in-person events are the thing again.

For now, enjoy Ozine Retro, stay safe, and merry Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Ozine Retro: A Throwback To…Ozine 2011

  1. It’s a mix-bag of old and new, but I’d rather have the cosplayers on this con followed the theme of this event. Still it was fun attending it. It made me feel alive again.


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