Shorts: That Time Animelo Brought Us WORLD PEACE

The day that the first leg of Animelo Summer 2015: THE GATE took place will be a day remembered for bringing WORLD PEACE to the 2D idol anime fans.

People who are new to anime and anything otaku culture-based might not know this but back in the day, fans of the Namco game IDOLM@STER and the Bandai school idol franchise Love Live were not on good terms with each other.

You see, the two camps both have an issue with superiority. At that time, the IDOLM@STER series just released their first spin-off series, Cinderella Girls, and the main series is relegated to hardcore idol otaku at the time.

Love Live School Idol Project, on the other hand, is still riding the wave of its newfound popularity among international fans after the release of the culmination of the main series, The School Idol Movie, released in theatres.

This would then create an intense rivalry among the fans with IDOLM@STER fans being the so-called underdogs while Love Live fans. I was one with the IDOLM@STER fans at the time because the majority of the people I know watch Love Live.

Then came Animelo Summer of 2015.

For once, people have set aside their differences and decided to unite as one and I think, since then, the idol anime war has died during that sudden collaboration.

Nowadays, both Love Live and IDOLM@STER are considered relics of the past with new music anime coming in and only a few people remember these two titles and remember the times.

As the song says, “The world is all one. Unity mind.”

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