Shorts: Anime Magazines on Video and Themed Cosplay Events

This is just going to be a short thing on some stuff that I would like to cover in more detail either in written or video form.

Themed Cosplay Events in the Philippines

With upcoming events such as the first Pokemon-themed convention and, quite possibly, the first vtuber-themed convention in the Philippines as well, I wanted to take a look back at some of the themed cosplay conventions here in the Philippines.

The first recorded themed event may or may not be one that could consider a cosplay event but GMA, via, held a Dragon Ball Z Mall Tour way back in 2002 and it seems that aside from a screenshot of something that I got on the Wayback Machine, nobody remembers it at all.

It would take at least sixteen more years for themed conventions to come back and this time, Yuri on Ice would get its own convention in 2018 then came Genshin Impact and the rest is history.

I believe that now in-person conventions are back, there will be more themed conventions like these in the future.

Video Anime Magazines

Anime Vision is a product of Japan’s Victor Corporation (aka JVC anywhere outside Japan) that was mainly used not only to promote anime but to promote JVC’s then-brand of video formats titled Video High Density (VHD).

This is not to be confused with the series of VHS tapes titled “Anime Vision Special” which are also owned by JVC.

Both Anime Vision and Anime Vision Special share the same format when it comes to content and I am not 100% sure if there are any differences between the two.

I might make a video or a blog post about it sometime soon.

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