NEGASTAR: Baby Blue’s Diss To The Haters

Negastar is the Baby Blue’s follow-up to their smash hit “Sweet Talking Sugar” which, for some reason, ranked number one on EGGS’ top charts. The song was released three days ago (on both EGGS and Spotify, no less) with the official press release telling us that it has “a whole different vibe to it”, meaning that it will focus more on the R&B side of Baby Blue, as if STS is any different. Don’t take my word for it, let’s listen to the song.

Listen to this or you’ll get your ass capped with a .38 slug.

If Sweet Talking Sugar is Ariana Grande, Negastar would be Ice Cube because this song is a diss track towards their haters…and I like it. The beginning seconds of the backing track kind of reminds me of Psychedelic Boyz’ “Rawstarr ‘Till I Die” and then it grabs you in the balls with this hook that makes you feel like Jan, Colleen and Amy will shoot you down as if you’re a lowly Tondo thug.

The lyrics really brought the diss track feel. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no “No Vaseline” or “Dre Day” but it sure delivers the job of getting the message across to their haters and naysayers that Baby Blue just doesn’t have time for any of you.

I just have some little nitpicks when it comes to the choice of words: and I don’t mean like they used swearwords or slurs (although you might mistake the “Nega” part in “Negastar” as “Nigga” when you go into the chorus) but I just find the usage of “trampolina” and “unlibashers” kind of amusing.

I’ve already made my thoughts and feelings known when it comes to the word “bash” being used to say “post negative things on the Internet” on Twitter but if any of you didn’t catch the memo: I don’t like the word “bash” and any of its derivatives being used to mean as “say negative things on the internet” but I’m no lyricist, so I’ll let this one slide.

Trampolina, on the other hand, is something I would like to nitpick on. What’s wrong with using the word “trampoline”? Note that I’m basing this on the lyrics found on Genius, but the closest thing that I can see when I search for “trampolina” is “trampoliny” which is Polish for, what else, “trampoline”. Before you say “trampolina” is Tagalog for trampoline, no it’s not. It’s trampolin.

I’d say Negastar tried to be No Vaseline without the curse words and the N-word, and guess what? They home run’d this track like there’s no tomorrow. Good job, Baby Blue and HHE. Good job.

This is just part 1 of a two-parter MNL48 based review. To get to part 2, click on the the image on the right.

One thought on “NEGASTAR: Baby Blue’s Diss To The Haters

  1. I think trampolina was chosen to match “bartolina” in the 2nd verse,

    Trampolina is also a tagalog word, albeit a bit dated (like what our lolos would use).


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