Motto Hallo Hallo Café: Episodes 7 and 8

Wala nang intro intro, let’s get it on!

Episode 7

Mae tama ka! The girls yell as Mae opens the show with a hot sauce bit because she asks why is it called hot sauce when it isn’t that hot. Hilarity ensues, not but that’s not the end of hot sauce-kun as he appears later on the show.

Yachang wanted to do karaoke, because Daichi from that night’s Amachan did so and then once Kawaii5 heard the words “videoke”, they wanted to join in and then all of a sudden, they repeated the word “Ghostbuster”.

For one, it reminded me of that Fairly Odd Parents gag where Timmy’s dad mentions during a game of charades that a man rowing his boat “is not Ghostbusters 2” but other than that, what the hell Kawaii5?! Why drop a sudden Ghostbusters reference there? I mean it’s funny as heck (especially if you’re watching the GIF right now) but that’s just sooo out of nowhere.

Being the good boss that he is, Yachang gives them what they wanted, on one condition: they’ll sing while they are being spun around and if they fall, off to the water they go. Since TV5 won’t allow them to bring inflatable swimming pools inside the studio, they decided to bring this challenge outside of TV5 studios in Reliance, Mandaluyong.

Also, the Ninja Turtle oni hybrid rejects under the Kaaway 5 label (kawaii, kaawaii, kaaway, get it? I really should stop doing that) because they’re the ones tasked to bring the fallen Kawaii5 members to their watery doom.

Alice must’ve had God’s blessings because she’s the winner, again. Not that I don’t like Alice to win the challenges but she survived all but two challenges so far (that being the ones from episodes 1 and 6) and I can say here that either she’s handpicked for something bigger or she’s just so damn lucky that she was able to get away from most challenges without a scratch.

I just wanted to put this in here but there’s a hilarious chase scene with Yachang hightailing it as he announces that it’s time for Hallo Hallo Panalo while being chased by Kawaii5 as the girls try to douse him with water.

Something must’ve happened during the recording of Hallo Hallo Panalo because it seems that Angel (whom I have just learned from MNL48 Twitter that she is a choreographer for MNL48) seems to be lowering her voice but enough about that, today’s prize is a pack of Sanritsu’s GenjiPie, some heart-shaped cookies that were already around since 1965.

These must be some surplus supplies of Genjie-Pie that they just give away 1000 of these and this time, the price is right because you can get a Php. 129 (333 in 2015 Japanese Yen) snack for free.

Remember hot sauce-kun? I hope you do because he comes back in a spectacular fashion as Yachang spiked the hot drinks he gave to Kawaii5 (and Angel) with, you guessed it, hot sauce. I don’t know how that works because for one, the drink is already hot so putting hot sauce in it won’t make much sense.

Also, why is Alice wet? Something must’ve happened during the recording of this segment (shenanigans probably).

Rating: 4/5

Positives: The kara-ikot challenge, the Yachang chase scene, Hallo Hallo Panalo, that Ghostbuster scene, Kaaway 5 returns.

Negatives: The production behind that day’s Hallo Hallo Panalo, that out of left field Ghostbusters reference, the science behind putting hot sauce on a hot drink (I just don’t get it).

Episode 8

I think HHE and TV5 are running out of ideas as they dug again into the toy barrel for a challenge. No opening bits this time though as you can see Kawaii5 open the show by shouting just a few inches away from Yachang and Angel’s ears.

Talk about killing your ears by having some idols shout at you. After that, the boss comments on how Kawaii5 always startle the bejeezus out of him to which the then Ms. Pancho replies to stop drinking too much coffee as she throws confetti in a cup.

This prompted Yamaguchi-san to initiate the challenge.

Remember Bulldog-e from episode 2? Meet his friend, Croco Martin aka Hasbro’s Crocodile Dentist game. Again, this is a stepdown from the past episodes’ challenges except for episode 2’s but I think you gotta cut some expenses and some slack once in a while to save up money and save up some ideas for future episodes.

Also, it’s not that they’ll rely on toys for the next set of challenges and again, they don’t have a $90,000 budget so there’s that.

Something something Alice gets out of dealing with a punishment game because Mae lost the game in a sudden death round between the two of them but that’s okay because during the taping of this episode, it was Mae’s birthday!

The celebrator doesn’t get away with punishment though as she is still put inside the Hallo Hallo box to get slime dropped on her, after Yachang gets the same slime thing dropped on him with a bucket by his manager.

Hallo Hallo Panalo returns back to normal with the prize being a “beauty eyelash serum”, you know, stuff that you apply to your eyelashes to make it beautiful and more lively. Nothing else to say here except that it sounds like the recording studio for Hallo Hallo Panalo got fixed that Angel doesn’t sound like whispering into the microphone.

Regarding the company that makes these eyelash serums, Wave Corporation, doesn’t have any website but they seem to be popular among the Japanese cosmetic world, not within the same league as Kanebo or Shiseido though. The only website I can see with the words “Wave Corporation” on it is some hobby shop that sells garage kits and all other otaku related things.

Nothing much to see here in this episode except from those sweet ass Yachang movez. I also added some Angel movez and I now see why she is the MNL48 choreographer.

Rating: 3/5

Positives: Mae’s birthday surprise, dancing Yachang

Negatives: Relying on novelty toys again, Hallo Hallo Panalo

See you next week for more Hallo Hallo Cafe reviews and on Wednesday as we review the second episode of iSchool on IDOLS@SCHOOL!

To Be Continued

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