Hallo Hallo Café Reviews: The One Where We Reached Double Digit Episodes

I was supposed to do something this long weekend but my laziness got the better of me so, there’s that. Also, KurotsukiCon is on so there’s that and I spent my long weekend setting up Retroarch on a cheap Android TV and listening to 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff.

Here we go, more Hallo Hallo Café madness.

Episode 9

Let me tell you something, brother: popping up balloons won’t erase your memories but an unprotected chair shot to the head will and I wish I got an unprotected chair shot to the head as well because, for the love of everything that is holy, Monica’s (or is it Monika? Jeez, HHE, you could’ve at least checked the OBBs for the show) joke borders on pure cringe.

Reader discretion is advised but should you choose to read it, I’m not responsible for any wasted time or rustled jimmies.

Q: Sinong Japanese robot ang nagdadalang tao? (Who’s this Japanese robot rumored to be pregnant?)

A: Buntis V (Voltes V, get it?).

Since everyone on the show wanted to get amnesia, and excessive violence against any living thing isn’t allowed on free TV, they’d rather write their “bad memories” on a balloon and then conduct medieval torture on it. Whoever gets to pop the balloon, loses of course.

As they write “bad memories”, we get bits of K5 lore here like when our friend, Alice, accidentally got Yachang’s coat drenched in water or Venus dropping hints of Kawaii 5’s sordid past. Maybe I’m reading too much into it but the girls must’ve something that can really bring HHE down or something.

You know the challenge is supposed to only have one loser according to the screenshot here but instead, we got two: Mae and Angel. Wait, Angel?! Yeah, she participated on this challenge so she suffered from Mae’s bad luck.

Now we’re on Hallo Hallo Panalo and today’s giveaway is a car shampoo? I didn’t know HalloHallo sells those.

The Hallo Hallo Box makes a return as both Mae and Angel get to be inside and does Kurosawa need to point out that there are thumbtacks inside the Box to explicitly specify that it was needed to make the balloons pop? I mean, if they can’t get the balloons to pop normally as it is, they could’ve just went with the slime pulley route.

Rating: 1.5/5

Positives: Two losers on a challenge that’s supposed to only have one? That’s what you call unpredictability, folks. Venus dropping some hints on Kawaii 5 lore.

Negatives: Buntis V, Using balloons on the Hallo Hallo Box.

Episode 10

Finally! Our first double digit episode, and there are 99 more to come. If last week’s episode is how to get amnesia, this week is to see if popping up balloons did anything to erase everybody’s memories.

No corny jokes this time but Yachang confuses amnesia with insomnia, as Angel corrects him about it.

This episode is what I can call “Hallo Hallo Café: Bash At The Beach” as they go back to the beach because the challenge involves answering Amachan related questions by going to a hut floating near the shore and then present the right answer to Yachang and Angel by showing them cardboard with words on it.

Just like the first episode, Venus gets to be the single person to be chosen but this time, she’s the loser and so she has to pull the whole hut by herself (with help from the production staff of course) while the rest of Kawaii5 are on it.

Hallo Hallo Panalo gets an “improvement” as Angel isn’t the only person to be shown on this version of the segment as Mae gets to be featured, snacking on sushi candy. Not that it matters but it’s good to see Mae, or anybody else for that matter, to be in Hallo Hallo Panalo.

So now we’re back on the studio and they are viewing the challenge footage on a TV screen and so, they had to get Venus to do the same stunt again but this time by using one of those wooden pulleys with wheels on it and this time, Yachang and Angel join in but that’s not all, she gets splashed with water. What a chaotic but fun way to end the episode.

Rating: 5/5

Positives: A return to the beach for this week’s challenge, Mae being on Hallo Hallo Panalo, The whole ending to this episode.

Negatives: Spoilers for that week’s Amachan but that’s more of a nitpick.

Well, I guess see you this Wednesday then.

To Be Continued

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