IDOLS@SCHOOL! V – The Girls Are Replaced. All’s Right With The World

I keep putting this off that I even plan it to be a special review to be released this weekend but I then decided to just get this over with because if I do plan on writing this on the weekend, I might miss more time in writing about the upcoming FanFes (which is within two days by the way). So, here we go.

Guess who’s back? Anne’s back and so is the public high school intro.

Also, it’s nut cutting time because the homeroom teacher then dropped a question: bakit karapatdapat kayong magstay sa MNL48 iSchool? (Why do you think you’re deserving enough to stay at MNL48 iSchool?) I’ll admit, I thought this was more of bakit karapatdapat kayong magstay sa MNL48? So I put this one off the backburner for a week. I was worked here.

If only you can install what you’ve learned, Tin.

Tin gives out a “I’ve learned everything here and I have instilled it in my heart” answer and before we go in there, the noise from the studio microphone wasn’t removed when it’s time for Tin to speak to the point that sensei’s “computer lang” remark was captured by the mic and not the rest of Tin’s answers.

Now on Ash, she takes everything seriously so she deserves to still be in iSchool and then it’s Skribikin’s turn.

Gabb tells Anne that she possesses the I.D.D.O.L. (again with the Russo syndrome) and what else does she possess? More microphone noise.

Even the visuals team know her answer is just pure “what the hell?” material.

Abby goes full Noynoy Aquino by Tagalizing her answer after Ms. Anne commented that Gabb’s answer is leaning more on English. She basically says that she is a brave student. If I were Anne-sensei, I would say “what the hell was that?”.

Alice wants to learn more as an idol so that’s why she wants to stay in iSchool.

My rebuttal is then why you were absent on the last episode?

Then Sheki with that hime cut gets to answer. She claims that iSchool is for her and that is why she wants to stay then she backtracks and says that everybody is deserving of iSchool and she is just one of them but if there is anything or anybody who isn’t deserving here, it’s the person in the editing room because bro, have you ever heard of noise cancelling?

Sorry if I keep banging on the mic noise because I am using my Bluetooth headset when watching this episode and boy is the noise kind of annoying.

It’s Marisela’s turn and she’s focused and she wants to learn more.
Ella steals half of that answer, everyone laguhs.

Who stays? Who quits? Who knows? I don’t know? The episode isn’t done yet, as much I wanted this ordeal to be over.

Enough with the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAs, let’s get this over with.

LALALALALALALA girl (Abby)’s out, Benoit (Tin)’s in.

Ella, Goku’s disciple, is out, Ash is in (not for long because Ash quits MNL48). Alice stands up for the second time, much to Anne’s chagrin.

Sela’s in, Ms. High Tension (Gabb) is out.

Both senchou (Alice) and sentaa (Sheki) are in and I sure hope HHE didn’t get a cease and desist from Capcom for using Ryu in this episode. Alice then pratfalls into the ground.

I laughed at the ending sequence not because Ash is saying something but because you can hear the audio dudes shouting “boom! Boom! Boom!” on the background but at this time, they don’t care anymore because they showed the audio dudes. It ends with the camera zooming on Anne’s face.

My grade for this episode of iSchool is a D+. I know this is a YouTube series and it shouldn’t be treated as a regular TV show but if the people in the production are showing up on camera doing what they’re supposed to do, that just reeks of running a sloppy shop over here.

The reason I don’t deal with that stuff on the HHC reviews is that the crew are being shown to have some fun, not botching up their jobs. Speaking of which, the audio volume is inconsistent and I am using a much better headset here at full volume. You think that with the inconsistency in volume I can hear Tin saying that she’s installing the values she learned from the school? No.

With that out of the way, I loved the BGM they used during the elimination section of the show and the camera zooming on Anne’s face is a great way to end the episode and at the same time give us that “horror show announcer” voice adds it to the already great segment.

Whew! Glad that’s over. IDOLS@SCHOOL will be back on its regular Wednesday schedule. See you at FanFes (if you’re going to attend, that is).

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