IDOLS@SCHOOL! IX – MNL48 Presents “Marketing Using Tongue Twisters”

Wag na natin pahabaiin to.. (Let’s not make this [introduction] any longer…)

Teacher Anne, iSchool episode 8

..because it’s been two weeks since I reviewed an MNL48 iSchool episode plus there’s Pranks Not Dead and a movie where Mario and Son Goku fight together against Dracula of all people. The last part of this sentence is 100% true.

It looks like episodes 8 and 9 were recorded in one day because it started with a continuation of…gibberish interpreter. Marisela got it right because it’s obvious that they were talking about her egg-shaped face.

What’s the purpose of this you ask? I’ll let teacher Mia say it.

Basically, it all boils down to communication via body language, especially during performances.

Then we move to the next activity, because teacher Mia doesn’t do exams, no no no. she makes the girls shill for a pen..using a specific tongue twister. I don’t know how that helps but let’s see what happens.

I really don’t know what the hell to think about this segment because for one, you can’t sell a pen by spouting a tongue twister like a crazy person but basing on the stuff teacher Mia said, I guess it all boils down to using your charm and personality, as an idol, to sell the idea of being an idol…you know where I am getting into.

If not, here it is: it is all about believability. You have to convince your audience that you’re as approachable as you can be and as an idol, charming is equal to approachable and charm isn’t something that you can just fake through words.

Well, that’s all for now because they end with a cliffhanger but this looks to be more of a long term one because this is more of a “in the coming days” type of thing.

This is a mediocre episode, like all other exam episodes, so the best grade I can give it is a C+ as it is basically a continuation of the previous episode so there’s no noticeable changes on the production side of things, and yes, the boom mic still showed up.

I still think that some of the activities don’t make sense, especially the whole “sell me a pen using tongue twisters” trick. Although there is a sensible explanation behind this activity, I still, as a consumer, can’t wrap my head around the idea of selling a pen by spouting gibberish. I just can’t.

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