IDOLS@SCHOOL X: The 10th MNL48 iSchool Review

I haven’t watch iSchool in months due to the hectic January schedule, only giving me energy to watch one show (Tucker Carlson Tonight) but now that my schedule is a less intense as it was last month, we can return to reviewing the series. Last time I wrote this, we were on the cusp of hitting double digits on the review, so 10 down and 55 more to go….

I’ll get to the 3rd General Election saga soon enough. We’ll get there.

This won’t be the last pro wrestling reference I will make here. Stay tuned.

This episode was recorded on a Friday, so you know what that means…Armageddo..I mean Judgment Day.

Anne of the homeroom class gave them a primer on what’s the basis on who gets expelled from the campus, something that wasn’t explained on the last judgement day episode. Why was this explained just now?

More filler as the current batch gave their answer as to why they’re deserving to stay in iSchool and Anne saying some hugot, something about setting yourself free or some Marleyan crap.

Who lives and who dies? Let’s see where this goes…after making jokes about installing programs on Tin’s head.

Tin’s gone, Sayaka’s stays in iSchool (but not for long in MNL48).

Jem is out, Sela is still in (but not in MNL48 itself. In fact, she’s the most recent one who retired from MNL48, not counting the twins and Emz who got future endeavor’d by Paulo McMahon).

Faith gets the boot (I believe she retires out of MNL48 months after this, then goes ahead and forms Day Night Explorers (DNE) and polar with Ash).

Ash gets the boot too (then retires from MNL48 not long after this, then goes ahead and forms DNE and polar with Faith, and is one of the main idols on OtaCute, some café in Recto).

Another cliffhanger as to who gets to enter the classroom…and I ain’t doing this for more than a week so I don’t know.

With all the stuff that happened during the past year, this is quite the most ironic episode of this miniseries so far because knowing what happens in the future, this scene where the girls are hugging each other is just a sad reminder of the so-called “trinity” and the duo who would be part of the most known group of (former) idols since Aidoru Sozai.

Think of it as the last episode of All Japan Pro Wrestling before the formation of Pro Wrestling Noah in 2000, minus the deaths of Giant Baba and Jumbo Tsuruta.

All in all, I score this episode this episode of iSchool with an A as the audio and visuals are just fine, no awkward camera shots or Eat Bulaga tier sound effects minus that one scene where Jem seemed to be confused about something but the irony just makes it better.

I normally don’t feel sad about stuff like this but this episode is just..bitersweet if you will.

We’ll be watching Space Runaway Ideon tomorrow. Fridays would be J-Drama day.

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