Wayback Wednesday: The First Gunpla Expo (and How Stupid I Was Not To Preserve Memories)

I’ll start this Wayback Wednesday post with this photo:

If you’re following my Instagram account (which by the way, I really don’t touch for some reason), this is the only surviving photo of my stay in the first Gunpla Expo in the Philippines.

To summarize things, this is the first one that was ever happened in the Philippines and it ran from February 25th (which was a holiday) to March 5th of 2017.

The main feature in this expo was this giant RX-78-2 statue that mimics the final shooting pose from the last few episodes of the original 1979 series to a diorama of Bearguys that depict typical Philippine life.

It has been years since my original Facebook account got shadow realm’d into oblivion and thus I cannot recover said photos anymore but it’s a good thing that I was able to preserve a photo of the statue.

See you next time, I guess. I have to finish watching Serial Experiments Lain.

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